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NCEF decries harmful foreign intruders

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By Mercy Kelani

Fulani invaders have seized control of more than 102 villages in Plateau state.

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) is voicing concerns about the presence of foreign intruders who are causing harm to rural communities by attacking and forcibly taking over them. They are disturbingly renaming and claiming ownership of these communities. During a press conference, Dr. Samuel Gani, the Chairman of NCEF, expressed that there is evidence of numerous villages belonging to various ethnic groups in Plateau and Kaduna states being seized by the Fula people from other countries.

He claimed that the land owners were forced to leave their homes and now reside in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, with the villages being renamed with Fulani names. Fulani invaders have seized control of more than 102 villages in Plateau state, displacing the residents who now reside in IDP camps. Similarly, in Kaduna state, over 109 villages have been forcibly cleared, leaving the landowners homeless and seeking refuge in temporary camps. Dr. Gani stated that Mr. Asari Dokubo, a prominent figure in the Niger Delta, recently released a video claiming that numerous Fulani’s have entered the country and have seized control of villages in Bayelsa and Rivers states.

Nig. is contending with a disguised agenda of racial & cultural dominance.

Concerns were raised about an ongoing invasion leading to displacement, with similar incidents reported in areas such as Taraba, Benue, and Adamawa. The government’s dedication to combating terrorism is called into question by the visit of Hamas members to Nigeria, despite the fact that Hamas does not hold any governmental authority in Palestine nor does it speak for the Palestinian people. Dr. Kabiru Adamu, a security expert, revealed on Arise TV that the government had knowledge of the bandits’ camp locations four years ago, following the kidnapping of 287 high school students in Kuriga, Kaduna State.

Thus, the NCEF stated that Nigeria is dealing with a multifaceted issue, with foreign entities posing as religious extremists orchestrating an organized invasion. Gani pointed out that Nigeria is actually contending with a disguised agenda of racial and cultural dominance under the guise of religious intolerance. NCEF urged the native Muslims of Nigeria to carefully consider these matters and make decisions that will benefit their ethnic communities in the long run. The NCEF has advised for immediate implementation of the 2014 National Conference Report, including the proposed new Constitution for Nigeria.

No group in Nigeria should be given special privileges.

Nomadic cattle rearing must be halted without delay. Cattle farmers must establish their own ranches as private businesses. The government should not prioritize funding one industry over others in the country. Abolishing the RUGA project is essential because the Federal Government does not have the legal authority to allocate land in Nigeria according to the Land Use Act, which is the responsibility of the States. All investors, including business investors, should apply for land like any other citizen without receiving preferential treatment. No group in Nigeria should be given special privileges.

Ethnic groups must claim their rightful ownership of their ancestral land and establish their authority in Nigeria by asserting control over their thrones. It is important for ethnic socio-cultural groups like Afenifere, Arewa Consultative Group, Middle Belt Forum, Ohaneze, Ndigbo, and PANDEF to thoroughly examine these matters. There is harmony among Nigerians, with external influences aiming to divide the country in order to control its land and resources. The call for power decentralization should be strongly supported by ethnic groups.

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Additionally, the NCEF also urged President Tinubu to outline his vision for Nigeria, rather than repeating the mistakes of his predecessor that led to suffering and poverty for the people. It was suggested by NCEF once again for President Tinubu to assign a Special Investigator to lead a Commission of Inquiry into the roots of the numerous acts of terrorism and religious insurgency in Nigeria dating back to 2009, as well as to uncover those responsible.

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