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NBC to create broadcast-enabling environment

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By Mercy Kelani

Africast 2023 theme: “Broadcast Content: Synergy, Finance and Market.”

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) now has its focus on the creation of an enabling environment for the overall broadcasting value chain. This, according to the NBC, will harness the Commission’s massive potential. This statement was made at the ongoing Africast 2023 with the theme: “Broadcast Content: Synergy, Finance and Market,” by the Director General of NBC, Mr. Charles Ebuebu. In his welcome speech, the Director General of the Commission emphasized the essence of the regulation.

He stated that the regulation was established to drive creativity, encourage investment, and ensure promotion of healthy competition. In his statement, he said that the advertising sector plays a significant role in the broadcasting industry, and as such, is an essential part in the sustenance of the vitality of the ecosystem. It is necessary that there is a drive of revenue and freedom from the limitations of huge tech content monetization in the advertising sector.

An evolution has occurred in the world and the commission must follow-up.

To attain this achievement, the sector must ensure institution of a robust and accurate system for the measurement of viewership in the sector. This act will prompt advertisers to make data-driven decisions, which will also enable them to put in place better compensation for content creators. The NBC boss admitted that an evolution has occurred in the world, and it is necessary that the commission follows the new trend. The regulation will look out for the best for content creators.

Through the regulations, it will be ensured that content creators receive adequate reward, notwithstanding the platform where their work is conceived. Mr. Charles Ebuebu stressed that he will make sure that content creators have a policy-driven strategy for enhancement of the visibility of local content. With a modern and relevant code, there will be room for innovation, progress, and compliance in the broadcasting industry. The significance of the success of the industry to the current administration was emphasized before the opening of the event.

Broadcasters represent an economic potential that is virtually unlimited.

Idris Mohammed, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, stated that the broadcast industry is very significant to the success of the economic vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration. It was also asserted that broadcasters, as an industry, represent an economic potential that is virtually unlimited. This attribute of the industry is apparent from the examples of countries across the world that have been able to successfully unlock the full scale of the broadcast industry.

According to Idris Mohammed, Nigeria is already treading the path of success as the films, music and culture of the country are gaining popularity and recognition across the world, and new creative and content grounds are constantly broken. It was also noted by the minister that the sector needs to pay more attention and focus on business and commercial aspects, creation of viable and sustainable pipelines to boost profitability, and the framework for attractive investments.

With Africast, local and global industry players connect.

He added that he is optimistic that through the combination of the political will of government and the financial and technical expertise of the private sector, there will be success in the broadcasting industry in Nigeria. Africast is regarded as a destination event. In this event, local and global industry players get to learn about the most recent innovative services, technologies, and products. During the course of the event, they are also able to learn how to access the broadcast industry market.

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