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NASS are responsible for abandoned projects

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Governor Wike, blamed the abandoned projects on poor budgetary allocation.

Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike attributed the problem of abandoned projects in Nigeria to the (NASS) National Assembly’s inadequate fiscal allocation to projects. His Highness, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, held the official opening ceremony, for the N26 billion Dr. Peter Odili Cancer Cardiovascular Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in Port Harcourt on behalf of the Rivers State government. He pointed out that the National Assembly frequently allots meagre funds to projects that are designated for execution every fiscal year even though it is aware that such funds are utterly insufficient to reach any meaningful milestone. This is one of the reasons why federal government projects take years to complete, he noted.

The governor made a point of saying that his administration successfully completed the centre within the agreed-upon time frame of 14 months for the benefit of the people of Rivers and all Nigerians, saying that his administration has demonstrated that through budgetary integrity, commitment and prudence, nothing in governance for Nigerians is too difficult to accomplish. He claimed that these actions have continued to support project abandonment and fostered insufficiency in governance, project delivery, and public service.

Rivers state indigenes deserve the best quality.

Gov. Wike emphasized that the people of Rivers deserved the finest, so the best quality was provided at the center just like it was for all other initiatives. Based on the basis of the agreement negotiated with the United States Consul General, Mr. Will Stevens, for a team from the United States to run the centre, the governor revealed plans for a cooperation arrangement currently underway. The governor stated that Mr. Stevens had visited the hospital and is currently in communication with individuals who are knowledgeable about the most effective ways to operate hospitals profitably, who will be given consideration to take over the center’s operations.

Institution was named after Dr. Peter Odili, a leader in Rivers, who ran one of the top clinics in the state, served as governor honorably, and is now advancing medical Education in the region, he added. The governor expressed happiness at the center’s success and said it served as proof that the commitment made to the people of Rivers had been kept. During the project’s opening, His Highness, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero said it was important to praise Governor Wike’s cunning and foresight for coming up with and implementing such an innovative idea.

Patients from neighboring states will not be sent away from the centre.

The centre, which is the first of its sort in the Niger Delta and all of Nigeria, would undoubtedly help people outside of the South-South region, he said. It is impossible to overstate the terrible effects that cancer has on its victims. In addition to emotionally destroying its victims and their families, it also leaves them financially dependent. As a result, it may be claimed that a common man lacks access to, and the means to fund cancer diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, those affected by this illness and other oncological factors can at least breathe a sigh of relief with the opening of this centre or find comfort at their doorsteps.

He said that patients from neighboring states and even from as far away as Kano will not be turned away from the God-sent cancer relief centre in the spirit of good neighborliness and being brothers’ keepers. He said that there is no denying the difficulty of maintaining Infrastructure of this size and urged a paradigm shift in the way that maintenance Culture is seen. To keep up with international standards, the facilities should be continuously improved. The personnel need to receive new training, refresher courses, and updates on the newest advancements in medical Technology. Dr. Peter Odili, a former governor of Rivers State, said in his message of goodwill that he and his family are honored that a centre is being named after him while he is still alive.

Gov. Wike’s administration has brought in good medical infrastructure.

Because of the state’s superior medical infrastructure unmatched in Nigerian history, Dr. Odili claimed that Governor Wike should have become a doctor. The NMA president, Dr. Uche Ojinmah, expressed his joy with Governor Wike’s decision to time the center’s opening with the ongoing cancer awareness campaign during his speech. According to him, Governor Wike’s administration has been braved in putting in place medical infrastructure that supports Public Health and looks after patients. Prof. Princewill Chike, the commissioner for health, described the project and mentioned that the centre includes, among other things, three theatres, a catheterization laboratory, Radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and nuclear Medicine. He sees the doctor’s quarters, the helipad, the contemporary incinerators, and the 1000, and 800 KVA in series powering the centre.


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