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NAGGW set to advanced irrigation technology

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The Netherlands partnership will enhance Nigeria's Great Green Wall projects.

In order to speed up Nigeria’s Tree Planting campaign for its Great Green Wall projects, National Agency for the Great Green Wall (NAGGW) has partnered with Groasis B.V, the Netherlands-based organization and Boplas Industries Limited Nigeria, in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to manufacture an innovative irrigation system called waterboxx. Explaining the tripartite agreement, Mrs. Pauline Sule, who heads the Agency’s Information and Corporate Communications Unit, disclosed this information in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday.

According to her, the Groasis waterboxx is an invention that has been employed to increase the efficacy and Productivity of Great Green Wall planting efforts in the agency’s 11 frontline field operational regions. It has been demonstrated that the waterboxx, an environmentally friendly water-saving Technology, is efficient in extending the life of trees, accelerating the rate at which they develop, and lowering the volume of water that is required to plant millions of trees in 55 nations all over the world.

Invention was adopted to transform the NAGGW Tree Planting campaign.

The NAGGW communicated its interest by tapping into cutting-edge innovations in irrigation methods for the purpose of incorporating them into its Great Green Wall program. The adoption of the waterboxx invention by the management of the NAGGW, which is led by Director-General Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar, demonstrates the commitment with which the agency is attempting to transform the process of planting through the implementation of revolutionary innovations, technologies, and techniques that will assure longevity and competitiveness.

Mrs. Sule further stated that the memorandum of understanding that was inked between the agencies was a tripartite arrangement that would quicken the pace of Nigeria’s Tree Planting effort in the Great Great Wall (GGW) region. She went on to say that as a result, economic activity would be boosted, thousands of new jobs would be created, and the agency would finally be repositioned to fulfil its purpose of turning the Great Green Wall belt into an economic powerhouse.

Groasis waterboxx technology will lower environmental impact.

Moreover, in the desert regions of the Sahel and the Sahara, the Groasis waterboxx technology can increase the long-term survival rate of seedlings and trees by 90 percent. It will also bring about faster and more sustainable Agriculture through NAGGW tree-planting campaigns by lowering the environmental impact of carbon Emissions. As the Manufacturing of the waterboxx will take place in one of the 11 frontline states of the agency, this will lead to the development of opportunities and the spread of innovative solutions throughout Africa.

Speaking on the potential the MOU holds, she explained that it has the capacity to broaden the project to other Pan-African countries that are a part of the Great Green Wall. Also, as the country keeps promoting the Pan-African Agency for the Great Green Wall as well as its mission in Africa, she noted that Nigeria is the very first participating country of the Pan-African Agency for the Great Green Wall to accept the Innovation as policy.

FME hopes to achieve a Sustainable environment and curb poverty.

To combat land degradation and Desertification, increase Food Security, and assist communities in adapting to Climate Change, the Federal Ministry of the Environment founded the National Agency for the Great Green Wall. By 2025, the NAGGW hopes to have made progress towards its goal of making ecosystems more resistant to the effects of climate change and guaranteeing that it will continue to deliver the fundamental services that promote human well-being and the eradication of Poverty.


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