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NADECO decries Nigeria presidential election

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Complete annulation of the election in all the Polling Units is demanded.

Due to massive fraud, intimidation, violence, and vote rigging that plagued Nigeria’s presidential election, the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), United States Chapter has therefore demanded a complete annulation of the election throughout all 176,600 Polling Stations in 774 local government areas across the country. The election was full of electoral malpractices and voter intimidation, according to W. Bruce Delvalle, general counsel of the coalition, United States Chapter, who spoke at a recent international press conference held in Washington, DC, at the US National Press Club.

As the Coalition revealed its detachment, the election that resulted in one of its founder members, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, being elected president and Kashim Shettima, the vice president on the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC), was perceived to be in opposition to the democratic values, impartiality, and integrity that the body represents and is known for. W.Bruce Delvalle demanded that Nigerians and international parties demand evidence supporting a reliable, free, and fair election that made the INEC to proclaim and return Tinubu as the winner. Also, he asked the Nigeria Judiciary to be ready and dismiss the deceitful electoral process, except insightful and accurate proof was provided by the commission as well as the Nigeria Government.

The electoral process ought to be broadcasted live.

He added that the election, which was supposed to be broadcast live so that everyone could watch how votes were cast as well as counted across the country’s 176,600 Voting units, was conducted in violation of the 2022 Electoral Act. Thus, they requested that the United States of America implement a visa ban on individuals who are believed to be responsible for election fraud. In which Mahmood Yakubu, who is the chairman of the INEC is listed as one of the individuals.

The electoral body has the responsibility to demonstrate that the results declared are accurate. Each polling station must close its polls, count its votes, and complete the process in the traditional manner so that they may do their duty. They were tasked with compiling the data, reporting the outcomes locally, sending the results to Abuja, and finally verifying the accuracy of the data. However, they had already posted the results online before removing them.

NADECO aims to safeguard the sincerity of democracy.

There is election rigging, vote buying, and bribery in Nigeria. Unfortunately, despite INEC’s efforts, nothing positive happened. So, they’re back to doing the same things they always have. To that end, NADECO, as an international law firm and attorneys, aim to safeguard the status of democracy everywhere so that the goals of 1960 can once again become a reality. So, they’re requesting that they open up and confirm the results they’ve declared are honest and accurate. They ought to be able to demonstrate the results’ authenticity.

Demanding evidence from them is not out of the usual. They have to disseminate their mathematical prowess. They must demonstrate how they arrived at it. There’s no denying the results of the preliminary investigations into the electoral processes show that the rules and the rights of the people were preserved. Corruption seemed to be at an all-time high during the presidential election, with reports of rampant bribery, threats, and vote-tampering. They and other electoral groups were being completely forthright about their efforts to manipulate the outcome.

Global communities to partner with the Nigerian Judiciary on the outcome.

Lastly, they urge the citizens of Nigeria to behave lawfully and to ensure that proof is shown to them and have the INEC confirm the outcomes that they have declared. Also, they call on global communities to work in partnership with the Nigerian Judiciary in a collaborative approach to confront and verify the proclaimed results as well as to ensure that INEC itself is set on the path to pursue the serious severity they require, he added.

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