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MTN Commits to Narrowing Gap in Education

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By Mercy Kelani

This initiative gives MTN employees a chance to give back to important causes.

One of the top players in the ICT industry, MTN Nigeria, continues to emphasize its dedication to narrowing the gap in Education within the country. MTN has just revealed the upcoming 17th version of Y’ello Care, their main employee volunteer program. This initiative provides MTN employees with a special chance to give back to important causes by contributing resources like, money, time, and other support. In honour of the 30th anniversary of MTN Group, this year’s event will last 30 days with the theme “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow”.

The main goal of this event is to tackle the educational gaps present in rural and remote areas that are often overlooked. Tobe Okigbo, the chief corporate services and Sustainability officer of MTN Nigeria, made a statement in a press release on June 8, 2024. He stated that Y’ello Care has to do with the returning and contribution of money, time and resources by the MTN ecosystem, with the aim of making a positive impact in society.

Employees will provide assistance to KNOSK Charity Education Initiative.

Over the course of one month, employees from MTN will collaborate and pool their resources with the objective of reconstructing a classroom at Iwerekun Community High School in Lakowe, Lagos, serving 996 students. Okigbo revealed that their primary focus is on a school project. They have already inspected the school and have made plans to personally renovate a classroom with their MTN team. Along with this, the team will also be backing two additional projects.

Their main goal is to ensure that the youth in this nation have access to education. This initiative aims to close the gap in educational opportunities and inspire young individuals to achieve their maximum capabilities. Furthermore, MTN employees will provide assistance to the KNOSK Charity Education Initiative through the distribution of Study Better Packs. They will also contribute to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Safe School Initiative, which is led by the National Safe School Response Coordination Centre.

20% of children between 6 and 11 in sub-Saharan Africa do not attend school.

In Africa, it is vital to prioritize this dedication, as disparities in education still impede development. UNESCO reports that more than 20% of children between 6 and 11 in sub-Saharan Africa are not attending school, making it the region with the highest rate of educational exclusion worldwide. The situation worsens due to obstacles like poor Infrastructure, lack of learning resources, and a deficit of skilled educators. In Nigeria, a large number of children living in rural and remote regions encounter comparable challenges when it comes to accessing quality education, reflecting the trends seen on a wider scale.

Starting on June 1, the one month-long initiative will bring together MTN staff members with the common goal of improving educational opportunities and standards. Thousands of employees will work towards making a significant and lasting difference in this area. Their commitment to the communities they serve is also demonstrated through their efforts to empower their employees, foster inclusive communication, and promote financial access for all. Developing digital platforms to accelerate digital transformation throughout Africa and the Middle East is crucial for promoting the well-being of communities.

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Additionally, the advancement of Technology plays a significant role in reshaping society positively; in contrast, limited entry to the digital realm results in greater inequalities in both social and economic aspects. MTN stands as a major player in the digital landscape of Africa, working to bridge the significant disparities in access to communication by promoting the adoption of mobile and internet services. This access opens doors to financial technology (Fintech) and digital tools, enabling individuals to engage in economic opportunities and educational pursuits, ultimately improving livelihoods and fostering community growth.


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