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MTN and ESET collaborate as MTN ESET

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By Mercy Kelani

This will ensure the safeguarding of confidential and delicate information.

A ground-breaking collaboration has emerged between MTN Nigeria, a frontrunner in the ICT industry, and ESET, an eminent cybersecurity powerhouse. Together, they bring forth a powerful alliance aptly named MTN ESET, setting the stage for a new era of advanced technological safeguarding. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have their own distinctive requirements, which is why the cybersecurity solution is customized to cater specifically to those needs. MTN’s commitment to safeguarding the digital assets of Nigerian businesses is further amplified.

The current collaboration has ensured the commitment, as their objective is to fortify the cybersecurity measures. By doing so, they solidify their position in upholding the sanctity of digital operations for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs). By offering a steadfast shield, MTN ESET ensures the safeguarding of confidential and delicate information spanning a wide range of devices and servers. There is a wide range of product packages available that businesses can choose from.

They aim to redefine and fortify the digital landscape.

Also, this enables them to select the most suitable bundle for their specific requirements, taking into account the number of devices needed and the length of the subscription. Lynda Saint-Nwafor, the Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN, expressed her thoughts on the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of this alliance. According to her, MTN and ESET joining forces symbolize a strong and united front committed to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in an ever-evolving digital world.

Together, they aim to redefine and fortify the digital landscape, ensuring that businesses can confidently embrace the countless opportunities offered by the digital age. Moreover, the range of cloud productivity solutions of the digital network expands beyond MTN ESET to include a remarkable duo known as Thryve Google Ads and Meetings. Thryve Google Ads serves as a cutting-edge mechanism, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their virtual visibility via precise and efficient social media marketing endeavours.

Ensuring seamless interactions among team members.

On the flip side, Meetings is a cutting-edge video conferencing tool designed for enhancing teamwork and fostering effective communication in the corporate world. This state-of-the-art platform facilitates smooth collaborations and seamless interactions among team members, regardless of their preferred devices. Ultimately, it streamlines workflow processes and strengthens the overall operational efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises. In today’s digital era, cybersecurity plays a crucial role, particularly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) venturing into the online sphere.

Expressing the significance of this alliance, Olufemi Ake, the Managing Director of ESET Nigeria, underscored the importance of safeguarding against cyber threats. In his statement, he emphasized that through this collaboration, business owners would be provided with advanced digital security solutions that would greatly enhance their ability to prioritize productivity and service optimization. Furthermore, he highlighted the exceptional software introduced in this partnership, which ensures continuous progress. MTN Nigeria’s collaboration with ESET showcases their unwavering commitment to promote digital advancement and fortitude within small and medium enterprises.

Dedication to promoting sustainable development.

Furthermore, this alliance not only establishes MTN as a vital catalyst in empowering Nigerian businesses but also underscores their profound dedication to nurturing digital transformation. MTN’s substantial contribution to the dynamic digital economy can be attributed to their vigilant enhancement of online security measures, alongside their dedication to promoting sustainable development which ensures continuous growth. In the digital era, MTN’s dedication to fostering the development and enduring success of small and medium-sized enterprises is clearly demonstrated by this undertaking.

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Ask Nigeria
20 days ago

MTN and ESET collaborate as MTN ESET.This will ensure the safeguarding of confidential and delicate information.Express your point of view.

20 days ago

The collaboration between MTN and ESET, forming MTN ESET, is a welcome development. It emphasizes the importance of robust cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), showcasing a commitment to safeguarding digital assets. The tailored solutions and additional cloud productivity offerings reflect MTN’s dedication to supporting Nigerian businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This collaboration aligns with the growing need for enhanced online security in our increasingly digital world.

19 days ago

As MTN ESET, MTN and ESET work together. Collaboration tackles the cybersecurity needs of SMEs. Smaller businesses may have concerns regarding accessibility and affordability, which is why the cybersecurity approach is designed to specifically address those needs. This will ensure the protection of sensitive and confidential data.

19 days ago

MTN Nigeria, a leader in the ICT sector, and ESET, a leading cybersecurity company, have partnered. With the aim of strengthening cybersecurity measures, they form a formidable collaboration called MTN ESET. They thereby reaffirm their commitment to protecting small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMEs’) digital activities for the sacred.

Adeoye Adegoke
19 days ago

The collaboration between MTN and ESET as MTN ESET is a great step towards safeguarding confidential and delicate information. With the increasing importance of data security, it’s crucial for companies to prioritize the protection of sensitive information. This collaboration will not only enhance cybersecurity measures but also provide peace of mind to individuals and businesses. It’s always reassuring to see companies coming together to address the growing challenges of data security. Kudos to MTN and ESET for taking this proactive approach to ensure the safety of our information!