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More air conditioners in Nigeria with Daikin

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Daikin aims to build air conditioners in Nigeria to be the widest vendor.

Daikin believes that the air in its product lines should be perfectly suited to the environment in which they are used. As a result, they have command over the temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness of the air. They are conducting exciting new research that clearly shows that sensory elements such as light and smell can be modulated. They also continue to seek time, chance, and policy options as they work to improve the world’s living spaces.

Their main goal is to become the leading seller of cooling equipment in East Africa by 2025. Instead of building factories, Daikin is planning to use space provided by a local distributor. Although the distribution company has not been recognized, Panaserv Nigeria and EMS are currently representing the organization. They have previously stated their intention to penetrate the largely unexplored East African market dominated by cheaper Chinese and Korean competitors. In 2019, an office in Nairobi, Kenya was opened and in 2020, it will open an air conditioning rental business in Tanzania to provide the latest R32 inverter equipment.

Daikin opens its first training facility in Nigeria.

Last month, Daikin announced the opening of its first training center in Nigeria, in collaboration with ETIWA TECH. This is a non-profit institute that offers a strong technological vocational education and workforce development. The new development center, in collaboration with Daikin and ETIWA, will be an extension of Daikin’s knowledge and experience. This will know how much farther to build business experience and competencies. The primary goal is to provide training programs for the local workforce.

Provided that Africa is a major market for minutiae and success, the establishment of Daikin’s new training part-way aims to bring knowledge and skills to Nigeria. This is to build a megacosm of well-equipped technicians and installers. Furthermore, the partnership will whop Daikin’s social corporate responsibility policy. Daikin aims to create a cleaner environment in the African region by hiring new waterworks partners and constructing additional training centers in Africa. With the goal of improving wangle to largest air quality and energy efficiency while moreover strengthening service and aftermarket support. Daikin’s focus is on sustainable development, IAQ, raising sensation well-nigh a healthy living environment. Implementing new inverter R32 product solutions through a strong localization strategy.

Introducing products and technologies that ensure the best air quality.

Daikin has announced the opening of its first Brand Shop in Nigeria, in collaboration with our authorized dealer, ACE Solutions. Tuna Gulenc, Vice President-Sales at Daikin MEA said that with the fresh store opening, Daikin aims to meet the increasing needs of the Nigerian market. They are also trying to introduce products and technologies that ensure the best air quality, comfort and energy efficiency. According to reports, some air conditioners are not suitable for the Nigerian environment. This is because of posing health risks. Also causing accidents due to a lack of access to advanced systems and mechanical expertise.

Daikin looks forward to widening their expert knowledge to the marketplace. This would be done after analyzing the competitive landscape and air quality levels in the country. This would supply high-level air conditioning systems while keeping the environment in mind. “With the opening of the Daikin brand shop in Abuja, we hope to provide a comfortable, easy, and interactive experience for our customers.” This was said by Rajesh Hathiramani, Managing Director of Ace Business Solutions. The store offers Daikin products that are suitable for the Nigerian market. Also, as well as the engineering skills to provide the best solution to meet the needs of a client.

Daikin will rent out air conditioners on a daily basis in Africa.

In an effort to break into the African market, Daikin will offer air conditioners in Tanzania for as little as JPY130 ($1.20) per day. The program will provide high-efficiency air conditioners to small stores and homes in Tanzania at no cost. To unlock Daikin’s communications-enabled air conditioners, the end user will pay a daily rental via a smartphone app. The move is the result of a collaboration with Wassha. This is a Japanese start-up company that uses IoT technology to develop electrical power service business in Africa’s underserved areas.

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