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Military repels ISWAP attack in Niger State

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By Usman Oladimeji

Military force thwarted ISWAP terrorist attack on Wawa military cantonment.

The Nigerian military forces have yet again reiterated its mandate to curb any terrorist activities across the country as they display intrepidity action towards the terrorists. A week ago, the military force thwarted an attack by terrorists of the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) at a military base in Niger state. This occurred when the ISWAP terrorist engaged in breaking into the Wawa military cantonment in the remote New Bussa village in Borgu Local Government Area of the state, near the country’s border, with Benin Republic, in an attempt to free their detained comrades.

It was reported by the military that they had received intel about the attack, and soldiers were already anticipating the daring attack, where the terrorist met with an immense waterloo. At the incident, about eight terrorists were killed, while three men, including the commander who led the futile attack, were captured and equally detained by the highly spirited troops. According to a military officer, large numbers of the terrorists who attacked the base around midnight were pulverized with air support.

Defense headquarter futile the US terror alert.

This terrorist attack came to happen amidst tension across the country spawned by the security alert issued to Nigeria by the US, UK embassy and some other foreign missions. However, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, a retired Major General, had earlier debunked these vague alerts issued by the US and advised the citizens to go about their regular business routine. He said it is notable that Nigeria’s security architectures are capable of providing adequate security to the lives and properties of the citizens without meddling with any country.

In the same vein, while responding to the US terror alerts, the Defense Headquarters claims that the Armed Forces and other sister security agencies do not need any prompt alert from the US or any other country to carry out their constitutional responsibility of securing the country. It said men of the Armed Forces, especially the Intelligence Community, have been working round the clock to ensure that Nigerians and foreigners alike are secure and live up to their dream.

The major general reiterates the military’s capabilities.

Major General Jimmy Akpor, Director of Defense Information, avers that majority of the achievements recorded by the military in the recent clampdown on terror elements across the country are classified and not published for the public to know. Akpor, who also commented on the US terror alerts, said prior to the prompt alert, the Department of State Services (DSS) had released a warning statement about terrorist plans to attack some areas and the need for vigilance among members of the public.

He emphasized that there are government institutions such as the Armed Forces, the police officers, the Department of State Services (DSS), and other paramilitary agencies saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding the environment and ensuring that people are all living safely. Therefore, Akpor reiterates that the Nigerian military’s recent astonishing operation is a vivid indication that the security forces are on top of their games in surmounting the security challenges facing the country that has claimed the life of many so far.

Intelligence communities continue to avert security breaches.

Additionally, it was noted that in recent months, there has been a tremendous improvement in the security situation across the country, which is primarily attributed to the nationwide military onslaught against the non-state actors. To this effect, the intelligence communities, particularly the military Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), have continued to be very resourceful in carrying out enclosed operations, averting several security breaches across the country. Recall how the intelligence forces have eliminated numerous terrorist kingpins, bandits and kidnappers.

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