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Menswear fashion keeps evolving uniquely

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By Mercy Kelani

Development of more fashion brands fosters new designs for men.

Since years back, the Nigerian Fashion Industry has experienced a uniqueness for its consistent offering of new fashion ideas for fashion lovers, particularly in aspects of menswear. Evolvement of more brands and modernization promotes silhouettes of different ranges which menswear brands embrace to design pieces that rapidly become trends. These trends are able to reach a wider audience through mainstream fashion and runway platforms like GTBANK Fashion Weekend, Lagos Fashion Week, streetwear convention, Arise Fashion Week and others.

There are some outstanding menswear trends in Nigeria that always stand out. One of such trends is head wraps usually worn by women to complement a formal attire for weddings, church services and other events. Menswear designers have keyed into the head wrap as an accessory that is capable of giving a sense of dynamism to an outfit. This stylish accessory also provide protection from the sun and cold weather. It is not only paired with casual outfits but also with formal suits and street-style looks.

Traditional attires are being deconstructed into modern styles.

Sunglasses, a many decades old fashion accessory, have become more prominent in menswear fashion. It has become a complementary staple accessory for any outfit, with diverse varieties of styles, colors and shapes available. Sunglasses, despite having the ability to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, are currently considered as a fashion statement that can improve the overall style of a man. Prominent sunglasses styles include aviators, round frames, wayfarers and others — all adding their unique essence to diverse outfits.

Deconstruction is another fashion trend that has become prominent over the years. This process involves the taking apart of traditional attires and their reconstruction into a unique and unconventional way. After deconstruction, it produces an edgy piece of clothing that clashes with actual traditional norms. Deconstructed wears are usually in forms of jackets with unfinished edges, shirts with asymmetrical hemlines, or pants with exposed seams. The trendy deconstruction in menswear is a reflection of a massive societal shift towards self-expression and individualism.

Some menswear fashion are a movement towards gender-neutral fashion.

As an addition to the trendy menswear fashion, wide-legged pants have been introduced. These kinds of pants have wide leg openings and loose-fitting silhouettes that makes them comfortable to wear. Designers of this style get inspiration and incorporating elements such as flared pants and bold prints from the 1970s. The popularity of this pant is due to its relaxed and casual style. Fashion brands like JZO Nigeria and Taju Ibrahim’s TJ Who, featured this staple in some of their pieces showcased on the runway at Lagos Fashion Week.

Statement sleeves, a new trend in men’s fashion, has also stolen the spotlight. This style is designed with voluminous or over-sized sleeves with other unique designs like ruffles, pleats or cutouts; usually in women’s styles. Another major feminine style, skirts, is becoming an evolving trend in menswear in Africa. It was said that this trend is a contribution to the movement towards gender-neutral fashion. In Africa, according to history, skirts were usually worn by men in Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. The traditional African skirts are currently being redesigned for a modern audience.

New fashion ideas help men celebrate individualism and creativity.

Alté fashion and Knitwear are two prominent menswear fashion that are rapidly evolving. Alté, gotten from the word “alternative”, is a combination of traditional African wear, streetwear, and modern Western fashion. This fashion help men celebrate individualism and creativity through bold and bright colors and unconventional silhouettes. Knitwear, on the other hand, is designed with fabrics made from interlocking loops of yarn. It could be sweaters, scarves, hats or cardigans. Other trendy menswear fashion include Minimalism and Asymmetrical Tailoring.


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