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Massive reduction in road traffic crashes

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By Mercy Kelani

All factors that were responsible for previous crashes were eradicated.

According to the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the massive Investment of the federal government of Nigeria in road Infrastructure and the massive visibility it has on highways have made impacts in the reduction of road traffic crashes. Dauda Biu, the FRSC corps marshal, made this disclosure at a news conference during the celebration of the 2023 World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Crash Victims, which was held in Abuja. Mr. Biu made further statements on this achievement.

He stated that the corps is progressed towards making sure that road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths saw a drastic reduction on Nigerian roads, and that all factors that were responsible for the crashes were eradicated. He added that this achievement was possible through innovations, formulation of policies, and deployment of Technology. Hence, he asserted that the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) had successfully put road traffic crashes to an end on the roads in the country.

President Tinubu was applauded for his consistent support.

Between January to September 2023, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) attained a 22 percent reduction in road traffic crashes, a 23.1 percent reduction in the number of people who were killed, and a 21.3 percent reduction in injuries. There are various important factors that are responsible for these achievements. Some of these factors include the rapid expansion of command structure and the injection of new vehicles that emerged after the establishment of 69 unit commands.

There was also the establishment of 39 new area commands, two zebra commands and one outpost. Through this expansion, there have been an enhancement of the visibility of the FRSC on the highways. There has also been a broadening of the operational base of the FRSC, according to Biu. The President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was applauded by the FRSC corps marshal for his consistent support to issues regarding safety on the roads of the country.

Biu reaffirmed the commitment of the agency, FRSC.

The Nigerian President always showed his support through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the federation. The FRSC corps marshal laid emphasis on the theme for the commemoration of the 2023 World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Crash Victims — Justice — and the Day’s slogan — Remember, Support, Act. He stated that the theme and slogan emphasized the level of the resolve and readiness of stakeholders. He added that it was also a means of re-awakening consciousness towards encouraging collaboration between the corps and other stakeholders.

Dauda Biu asserted that collaboration will bring a total end to the challenge of road traffic crashes in the country. Biu further affirmed the commitment of the FRSC as the major agency concerned with road safety administration across the country, stressing that they would not cease in their unwavering commitment and steadfastness to delivering their duty. Sydney Ibeanusi, a representative of the Ministry of Health in the country, was also present at the commemorative ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria.

FG will not cease to allocate massive resources to this cause.

Ibeanusi confirmed the reduction of road traffic crashes in the country this year. Officers and sister agencies, including the Nigeria Police and fire service, were applauded for their constant availability during road emergencies to ensure prevention of accidents. In his statement, Mr. Ibeanusi assured that the federal government will not cease to allocate massive resources towards the enhancement of the transportation system in the country. Motorists and drivers were urged to always bear other road users in their minds as they occupy the roads.


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