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Many residents suffer due to water pollution

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By Mercy Kelani

They appeal to state gov't to initiate the construction of boreholes.

Residents of Exuma Village in Aro-Ajatakiri, Ikwuano Local Government Area, Abia state, are urgently appealing to the government for assistance in resolving the pressing issue of their contaminated river. The community is burdened with immense hardships caused by the polluted water source. Their fervent request is for the state authorities to initiate the construction of boreholes, which would provide them with a reliable and clean water supply, thereby alleviating their current predicament. In Aro-Ajatakiri on January 31, 2024, an interview took place where Chief Godwin Nwosu, a prominent figure within the community, voiced this significant plea to the state government.

On January 23, 2024, the entire neighbourhood awoke to a distressing sight by the river, their was an issue with their principal reservoir for drinking water. It became apparent that the river had become contaminated, exhibiting an unfortunate aftermath of deceased fish along with other creatures. The river was being investigated by the Disease Control Unit of the World Health Organization (WHO), as they were in the process of collecting samples of both sand and water from the contaminated river. The origin of the water was a matter of curiosity for them, and when they asked, the community leader informed them that it flowed from the Umuajata Community situated in Olokoro Umuahia. After their visit to the community, they came back to inform Chief Godwin Nwosu about their findings.

Water samples were collected for a thorough investigation.

The gravity of the pollution is extremely severe, resulting in a challenging predicament for the Exuma community as the government has issued a ban on approaching the river. As a consequence, accessing water for drinking and other essential household needs has become an arduous task for the affected people. He expressed the urgency in which the community beseeches the state government to immediately take action by excavating boreholes for the village. This is necessary to ensure the well-being and safety of the community, as it will prevent the people from succumbing to the temptation of retrieving and utilizing water from the contaminated stream. In light of the circumstances, Nwosu expressed his gratitude towards the prompt response of the state authorities in launching an investigation into the river pollution matter.

During the period when Orji Uzor Kalu held his second term as Governor of Abia State, it was stated that the river had become contaminated. However, despite numerous reports submitted to the state government, no significant outcomes were obtained. He, nevertheless, urged for a prompt conclusion of the investigation and the implementation of efficient measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Mr. Philemon Ogbonna, the Abia Commissioner responsible for matters related to the environment, addressed the community’s concerns by acknowledging that the government had duly noted their complaints. Moreover, in an effort to ascertain the root cause of the pollution problem, water samples were collected for a thorough investigation.

Natural existence of various chemicals in groundwater poses health risks.

According to the WHO, the transmission of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio can be attributed to water contamination and unsatisfactory sanitation conditions. When water and sanitation services are absent, inadequate, or mismanaged, individuals are put in danger of preventable health hazards. This situation becomes even more critical in healthcare facilities, as both patients and staff face heightened risks of infection and disease due to the lack of proper water, sanitation, and hygiene resources. During their hospital stay, approximately 7 patients out of every 100 admitted to acute-care hospitals in high-income countries (HICs) experience health care-associated infections. In contrast, in low and middle income countries (LMICs), this number rises to 15 patients out of every 100.

Also, the negligent handling of urban, industrial, and agricultural wastewater has led to a hazardous contamination and chemical pollution of the drinking water consumed by a staggering number of individuals. Additionally, the natural existence of various chemicals, especially in groundwater, can pose significant health risks, with substances like arsenic and fluoride being particularly concerning. Furthermore, drinking-water can also become tainted with elevated levels of lead due to the leaching of this toxic metal from components in contact with the water supply.

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Approximately one million individuals succumb to diarrhea annually due to the absence of clean drinking water, poor sanitation, and inadequate hand hygiene. However, it is important to note that diarrhea can largely be prevented, and if nations were to address these underlying causes, they could potentially save the lives of 395,000 children under the age of 5 each year. In regions lacking accessible water sources, individuals may often neglect the importance of handwashing, consequently increasing the chances of experiencing diarrhea and various other illnesses.

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26 days ago

Many residents suffer due to water pollution.They appeal to state gov’t to initiate the construction of boreholes. – Express your point of view.

26 days ago

The situation in Exuma Village is dire, with the contaminated river causing significant hardships. Urgent government intervention is needed, particularly in the construction of boreholes for a clean water supply. The community is facing health risks, and swift action is crucial to ensure their well-being. The ban on approaching the polluted river has made water access challenging, emphasizing the need for immediate solutions.

Adeoye Adegoke
26 days ago

That’s really concerning to hear that many residents are suffering due to water pollution. It’s crucial for the state government to take action and address this issue. Constructing boreholes can be a viable solution to provide clean and safe water to the affected communities.
Boreholes can tap into underground water sources, providing a sustainable and reliable water supply. This can help alleviate the hardships faced by residents and improve their overall well-being. Access to clean water is a basic necessity and a fundamental right for every individual.
I fully support the appeal to the state government to initiate the construction of boreholes. It’s important for the government to prioritize the health and welfare of its citizens by ensuring access to clean water. By taking action, the state government can make a positive impact on the lives of the affected residents and create a healthier environment for everyone.
Water is a precious resource, and it’s crucial that we work together to protect and preserve it. I hope the state government listens to the appeal and takes swift action to address the water pollution issue.

25 days ago

Water contamination is a problem that many locals face. They want that the state government start drilling boreholes. One issue we have in our nation is water contamination. The government should be responsible for providing more boreholes as there aren’t enough of them.

25 days ago

It’s critical that the government act to solve this issue. Borehole construction could be an excellent way to supply the locals with clean, safe water. I hope the appeal is granted and that the required actions are performed to make things better.It’s crucial that the government put its citizens’ health and welfare first by making sure they have access to clean water.