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LASEPA guards against noise pollution

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By Mercy Kelani

Players in the entertainment industry should also make efforts.

Residents have been warned against noise pollution by Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) as it has also determined to ensure enforcement of enabling laws. The agency has also progressed towards tackling the rising concern of this problem, which is more intense during the festive period. They are making efforts towards addressing the menace by organising a one-day “Stakeholders’ Parley” for entertainment industry leaders across Lagos State. Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, spoke at the event.

In his statement, he stressed the necessity of law and order in managing noise pollution, particularly during the period of festivities. He highlighted the importance of the adherence of industry players to established rules and regulations that guide nightlife in the State. He added that adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure a balance between the well-being of the community and the active entertainment space. He also said that the significant role played by the entertainment industry in the State’s cultural and economic landscape is recognized.

Prioritizing residents’ well-being and promoting entertainment activities.

However, Mr. Tokunbo Wahab said that it is mandatory that a harmonious balance between the peace of mind of all residents of Lagos State and every entertainment activity that takes place within the Commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos State. The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources further stated that this action — prioritizing the peace of mind of residents and promoting entertainment activities — requires the collaborative effort of all stakeholders and strict compliance with the set rules and regulations.

Dr. Babatunde Ajayi, General Manager of LASEPA, asserted that there is an urgent need to build collaborative efforts among relevant stakeholders. These efforts, according to the General Manager, will contribute to the provision of sustainable solutions towards the mitigation of the adverse impacts of noise pollution caused by nightclubs in the State. In a similar vein to the statement of the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Ajayi emphasized the significance of striking a balance.

There are major strategies that can be implemented.

As a result, a harmonious balance will be created, through the efforts and commitment of stakeholders and players in the entertainment industry, between the well-being of Lagos State residents and the active nightlife in nightclubs across the State. According to Dr. Babatunde Ajayi, there are major strategies that can be implemented towards the effective management of noise levels. These strategies include the usage of soundproofing measures, the establishment of monitoring mechanisms, and the setting of reasonable decibel limits.

Also, according to the General Manager of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), Dr. Babatunde Ajayi, the major strategies he outlined were mainly designed to make sure that nightlife businesses experience success and prosperity as they go about their means of livelihood. The General Manager of LASEPA stated that this will be achieved as these establishments ensure maintenance of a respectful and peaceful coexistence with communities around them. Ajayi also stressed the importance of public awareness campaigns.

Cultivation of a culture of environmental responsibility.

According to Dr. Babatunde Ajayi, educational initiatives and public awareness campaigns are considered very essential towards the sensitization of nightlife establishments and patrons concerning the significance of responsible noise levels, to avoid constituting noise pollution in the environment. This strategic approach proposed by the LASEPA boss is concerned about the cultivation of a culture of environmental responsibility in the entertainment sector. With the implementation of these strategies, nightlife will become more sustainable and considerate to the community.

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