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Lagos backs Private Waste Management

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By Abiodun Okunloye

PSP operators will be recapitalized with resources and low-interest loans.

To assist Private Sector Participation (PSP) operators in the state, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has approved the 2023 budgetary plan, which will assist in recapitalizing by introducing new waste evacuation trucks into their fleet. At a media discussion, Ibrahim Odumboni, MD/CEO of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), stated that recyclers would be authorized to purchase the equipment they need to do their jobs. Odumboni stated that the recapitalization would help with the approximately 13,000 metric tonnes of trash generated every day in Lagos State, making the surroundings cleaner and more livable for people.

The expensive cost of new waste removal trucks, which many PSP operators cannot afford to upgrade their old fleet with, was cited as an example of a problem recapitalization might help solve. He said the Lagos State Government plans to help PSP owners acquire new vehicles by offering them low-interest loans. PSP operators will also receive technical assistance from the government in order to manage their fleet better. In addition to boosting GDP, it will help small firms expand. With subsidized loans, PSP owners can grow their enterprises and employ more people.

Supports and facilities would be provided for Recyclers.

Furthermore, Odumboni stated that the Lagos State Government intends to encourage recyclers in the state in addition to the recapitalization. Recyclers will have access to the necessary resources, including tools and equipment, provided by the government. They will be given tools to aid them with waste management, such as sorting and processing facilities. The goal of this initiative is to lessen the load on dumpsites. The state hopes that by giving more control to those who recycle, they can establish a more long-lasting waste management system. He emphasized that their goal is to foster a culture in which waste is considered a useful resource rather than an issue.

Stakeholders in the waste management industry applauded the state plan for PSP enterprises and recyclers, saying that the current administration has supported their efforts and acknowledged the importance of their role in waste management. With over a hundred recyclers in operation, he asserted, the recycling initiative started by the current administration is here to stay. With the governor’s assistance, they address effective waste management with community stakeholders from Local Council Development Areas and Local Governments. To locate, apprehend, and prosecute waste defaulters, they are working together with other organizations such as LNSC, KAI, LASTMA, and others.

The group lauds the government’s efforts for effective waste management.

Mr. David Oriyomi, President of AWAM, gave a speech during the campaign in which he commended the governor for his support and praised his leadership, emphasizing the state’s considerable advances in waste collection and elimination since the governor took office. He expressed appreciation to the governor for his support of the PSPs and went on to say that the waste managers had assessed their progress over the years, identified areas for growth, and laid out sanctions for uncooperative operators.

More so, he explained that the association’s members are going door-to-door to show their support for the governor’s administration and his initiatives to enhance state waste management. The AWAMN, according to Oriyomi, fully supports the Sanwo-Olu administration stating that he stood by them, and they will also stand with him. Similarly, Mr. Kunle Adebiyi, Executive Director of Finance for the Lagos Waste Management Authority, responded that the current administration had an excellent track record in waste management and was one of the state’s largest employers. He called on all residents of Lagos to back the authority fully.

AWAM begins door-to-door campaigning for Sanwo’s re-election.

Currently, members of the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAM) in Lagos State have begun door-to-door campaigning to support Mr. Babajide Sanwo- Olu’s candidacy for re-election as Governor of Lagos State. The purpose of the campaign, which was to educate residents about how important it is to endorse Sanwo-Olu in his bid for a second term as governor, began in Ikeja and continued concurrently in every other part of the state, covering all 20 local government areas as well as 37 local council development areas (LCDAs).

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