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Konga Health, Akiva launch insect repellents

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By Abiodun Okunloye

This partnership revolutionised how Nigerians handle insect bites and causes.

An innovative digital healthcare distribution firm, Konga Health, and a prominent international repellent brand, Akiva, have teamed up to present revolutionary products that combat bites from insects to the Nigerian market. This is an exciting breakthrough that will transform how Nigerians handle insect bites. Akiva’s groundbreaking range of insect repellents results from this cooperative effort, formulated to minimise the skin’s intake of active components. The innovative approach taken in creating Akiva’s products reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.

Akiva places a strong emphasis on the quality of the user experience, which is one of the primary differentiating factors. Not only do Akiva’s repellents provide superior protection, but they also make it possible for people to go about their daily lives without the irritation of sticky or greasy skin by reducing the amount of active components that are absorbed into the skin. This business model is perfectly consistent with Konga Health’s commitment to providing its consumers with products that enhance the quality of life they already live.

The spread of insect-borne diseases will be curbed.

Both Akiva and Konga Health have the same overarching goal for this partnership, which is to improve the health and well-being of the Nigerian population as a whole. Konga Health is committed to delivering accessible and innovative healthcare solutions, and with the launch of Akiva’s cutting-edge repellent products, the company is continuing to fulfil this commitment. This partnership has the potential to have a significant impact in a nation where the spread of diseases carried by insects is a major Public Health concern.

Additionally, the partnership between the firms represents an important shift in the way that insect repellents are seen by the general public. It emphasises the significance of making preventative efforts to avoid getting bitten by insects instead of only treating the effects of the bites once they have occurred. It also fosters a holistic approach to personal health by raising awareness about the necessity of skin-friendly repellents. Individuals are encouraged to prioritise prevention and well-being as a result of this partnership’s efforts.

People can now live without the fear of insect bites.

As a result of the country’s wide variety of ecosystems, Nigeria is home to an enormous number of different insect species. The prevalence of diseases that are transmitted by insects, such as Malaria and dengue fever, highlights the critical need to adopt effective preventative measures as soon as possible. The introduction of Akiva to the Nigerian market by Konga Health represents a significant step in the right direction toward a nation that is both healthier and better protected.

Also, this collaboration gives a glimmer of optimism when customers are becoming more selective about the items they use. Now, people have the ability to make an educated choice to protect themselves and their families from insect bites without harming their skin’s health. Individuals are now afforded the opportunity to return to their outdoor spaces, take pleasure in the natural world, and lead active lives owing to the launch of items manufactured by Akiva in collaboration with Konga Health.

A new era of health and innovation is ushered in by the products.

With their collaboration, Akiva and Konga Health have ushered in a new era of health and Innovation in Nigeria. It’s a strong reminder that life-changing improvements are possible when innovative Technology meets committed medical expertise. Nigerians are not only able to acquire insect repellents because of this partnership, but they are also adopting a lifestyle that places a premium on health, comfort, and Peace of mind. This is a shining way toward a world where no one has to worry about getting bitten by insects, and everyone may experience life to the fullest.


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