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Kaduna Farmers to get Hybrid Rice, Potatoes

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The initiative would curb ongoing crises occurring with the farmers and herders.

To help farmers in the Kagarko and Jere local government areas in Kaduna State, Nigeria, the federal government has announced that it will provide hybrid rice and potatoes. During a discussion with traditional leaders of Koro, Hausa, and Fulani ethnic nationalities from the local government areas in Abuja, Minister of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Mrs. Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, conveyed this information. She stated that the provision of hybrid products was an initiative to curb the ongoing crisis that was occurring with the farmers and herders.

According to her, it will empower farmers and herders financially and encourage peaceful coexistence between people of various ethnic groups and religious backgrounds. She went on to say that it would be useful in resolving the conflict that is taking place in the region at present. Therefore, she decided to call the people because they have been fighting for more than 20 years over cattle and farming. Now, as a group, they have concluded that they are one family; all it took was a simple action to bring about this harmony.

High-yield rice will produce 140 bags compared to ordinary 100 bags.

Also, she has high-yield rice, which produces 140 bags of rice compared to the ordinary rice production of 100 bags. She just needed to get everyone’s consent to plant this rice on 100 hectares, and they’d have N100 million. She has already secured purchasers who will purchase the rice from them, and she will subsequently provide them with the processing machine. She maintains that President Bola Tinubu’s renewed Hope Agenda, which aims to bring peace and food to the country and make its people happy, united, and prosperous, is behind the initiatives.

They plan to begin with 100 hectares of land and produce N100 million by using high-yield rice. She’s going to provide them with a machine that can clean, de-chaff, and boil 10 bags of rice an hour. It also removes stones. And she’ll give them Women’s Affairs-stamped bags, which will be sold at a discount from the market price. What they really want to do is feed the country and keep the peace so that necessities can be sold at low prices that even the poor can afford them.

There will be a 35% affirmative action for women in hiring procedures.

She stated they are beginning their planting with 100 hectares of rice, followed by another 10 hectares of hybrid potato planting. The minister also stated that plans were in place to ensure compliance with the 35% affirmative action for women in hiring procedures. The Fulani delegation’s leader, Abdullahi Aliyu, thanked the government for its assistance to the populace in his remarks. Aliyu guaranteed the government that the plan would be successful because the people would work together to promote harmony and economic growth in the region.

In addition, the Emir of Jere, Alhaji Abdullahi Daniya, who was represented by Abdulkarim Sulaiman, Yerima Jere, and who spoke as a representative of the Hausa community, emphasised the importance of maintaining a peaceful coexistence within the community. They struggled for a very long time and with a lot of difficulty to come to this kind of peace agreement. On the other hand, they have arrived now to take all of the violence, and they appreciate them for their intervention, he added.

Getting young people involved in agriculture would help bring about peace.

Musa Barnabas, a youth leader from the Koro axis in the Kagarko Local Government Area, recalled that when he was a child growing up in the region, Fulani, the Hausa, and Koro people were all united. It wasn’t until recently that they began to experience conflict with one another. Barnabas continued by saying that getting young people involved in agriculture would help bring about peace, unity, and economic growth in the country of Nigeria. He said that they were ready to assist and that they promised that the youths had been waiting for this kind of help.

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