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Japan donates vaccines to Nigeria

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By Dawn

With 80% of its citizens vaccinated, Japan donates 850k Doses.

850,000 doses of AZ COVID-19 Vaccines were donated by the Japanese government to Nigeria on Wednesday. The Donation is part of the global effort to fight the pandemic. The vaccines will help to prevent the spread of the virus in Nigeria. The donation is a great example of the global cooperation that is necessary to fight the pandemic.

Previously we have received 2 million doses of J&J COVID vaccine from EU countries, 3.5 million doses donated to Nigeria by the United States, through the COVAX Facility, with help from the African Union, they had provided approximately 18 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Nigeria.

The vaccines get to Nigeria and are about to expire.

Nigeria was forced to destroy over one million expired doses of AZ COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines could not be used before their expiration date, authorities said. The destruction of the vaccines is a setback for the global effort to fight the pandemic. Some countries have ordered too many doses and they sit around, by the time they get to Nigeria they are about to expire.

The question of why countries are sending soon-to-expire doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Nigeria is a complicated one. The most obvious answer is that these countries are hoping to get some good press for themselves in doing so. They may also hope to create goodwill with Nigeria and other countries in the region that have been hit hard by the pandemic. However, there are also practical reasons for sending the vaccines. For one thing, it is possible that the vaccines may still be effective, even if they are close to expiring. Additionally, sending the vaccines to Nigeria will help to free up space in the countries that manufactured them, so that they can produce more of the vaccine for other parts of the world.

Country has predominantly relied on international donations.

In September 2021, the government announced that it had agreed to a deal with the World Bank Board of Directors for the purchase of vaccines to protect against COVID-19. The agreement provided for $400 million in credit to help Finance the safe and effective acquisition and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines.

Since then, our Country has predominantly relied on international donations of Covid-19 vaccines. However, they are planning for our Country to manufacture its own Covid-19 vaccine in the near future. This is a significant step forward in our effort to combat this global pandemic.

It is possible this may go on for years.

To date, Covid-19 and its many variants have taken the lives of over 5,982,000 million people worldwide, with over 441 million cases world-wide. The virus is riding the different seasons from each region; as it begins to decrease in one area, it increases in another. Unless we stop this exchange, it is possible this may go on for years.


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