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International Mother Earth Day, 2023

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By Mercy Kelani

Climate Change contributes to speedy destruction of the planet.

Experts have said nature is suffering and Mother Earth is urging a call to action. Oceans are getting filled with plastics and becoming more acidic. Millions of people are suffering from the consequences of wildfires, floods and extreme heat. Currently, the world is still struggling to recover from the global health pandemic also associated with the health of the ecosystem and COVID-19. Acceleration of the speedy destruction of the planet is engineered by climate change, artificial changes to nature, and crimes that affect biodiversity such as land-use change, deforestation, intensified agriculture and livestock production and others.

The second Mother Earth Day commemorated within the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration was on April 22, 2022. Every life on the planet is supported by ecosystems. As a result, the healthiness of ecosystems is proportional to the healthiness of the planet and its people. Restoration of the Earth’s damaged ecosystems will help in alleviation of poverty, prevention of mass extinction and combating climate change. However, success of restoration highly depends on the participation of every human being on the planet.

Commemoration promotes harmony with nature and the earth.

International Mother Earth Day is a sound and significant reminder to humans that there is a need to adjust to a more sustainable economy that is suitable for both planet residents and the planet. Celebration of the day is a promotion of harmony with nature and the Earth. A recent UN Climate Change report supported by science asserts that there are diverse feasible and effective options to aid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation of climate change caused by humans currently available.

Planet Earth loses about 4.7 million hectares of forest every year — much larger than Denmark. A healthy ecosystem automatically provides protection against these happenings as biological diversity makes the rapid spread of pathogens difficult to occur. An estimation states that about one million animal and plant species are currently threatened with extinction. Therefore, raising global awareness concerning threats to the health of the planet and the people in it is a major aim of the celebration.

Earth Day’s recognition dates back to the 1970s.

Through adoption of a resolution in 2009 by the United Nations General Assembly, April 22 was designated as International Mother Earth Day. However, recognition of Mother Earth’s wellbeing dates back to the 1970s when national political agendas less prioritized environmental protection. The UN Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm, 1972 marked the commencement of a global awareness of the planet and living species, and establishment of World Environment Day on June 5 and UN Environment Programme.

Observance of the Mother Earth Day by the United Nations is done through the Harmony with Nature Initiative. This initiative serves as a platform for global sustainable development that annually celebrates an interactive dialogue on International Mother Earth, promoting conservation of environment with significant growth. Discussed topics include ways for promotion of holistic approaches to harmony with nature, and national experiences exchange concerning criteria and indicators for measurement of sustainable development in harmony with nature.

Invest in nature — 2023’s Mother Earth Day theme.

Earth Day, 2023, is the 53rd anniversary of its commemoration. Organizers of its celebration asserts that it is celebrated by about one billion people from over 190 countries around the world. International Mother Earth Day 2023’s theme is “Invest in our Planet”, continuing 2022’s campaign. The UN’s once in ten years biodiversity summit, COP15, was held in Canada in 2022. The summit reached a new agreement of 30 percent protection of nature on earth by 2030. Scientists likewise gave a final warning concerning climate crisis.

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