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Interactive whiteboards to aid learning

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Modern learning technology will help the teacher and make students learn faster.

At a recent discussion in Lagos, Zuma Marketing Firm CEO Charles Okechukwu Ozoemelam advocated for the adoption of interactive whiteboards in classrooms across the country, citing the numerous benefits to students as well as teachers. He elaborated on how implementing interactive whiteboards in classrooms will improve instruction by encouraging greater participation from educators and learners. Okechukwu noted that at first, teachers were hesitant to use it, so Zuma required training them to implement the tool effectively.

In 2012, Zuma Marketing began supplying interactive whiteboards to both public and private educational institutions and training their staff on how to use them. Since then, the company has expanded into other areas of the education market. He has urged the Federal Government to give out funding to enterprises involved in the education sector in order to increase the accessibility and availability to learning modern technology in addition to offering import waivers to companies in order to clear imported educational products at the border.

Traditional blackboards have been overtaken by the modern tool.

He noted that interactive whiteboards have slowly taken the place of usual whiteboards in schools, noting that blackboards have since been extinct, and he added that this trend has occurred over the past many years. He reviewed some advantages of using it in the classroom. The use of the interactive whiteboard, he added, helps teachers to keep their pupils’ attention throughout the class. To complete homework, students can use this tool. And as he said, it facilitates student learning because there are many distinct kinds of students in a given classroom.

Students can learn from the board by labelling the included educational images and diagrams. Students can also hear their instructors clearly because of the speaker. According to Okechukwu, it helps students remember classroom lessons and allows teachers to divide classes into smaller groups for work. The board is a useful tool for students in high school to use when presenting their homework during class lectures. Since the board can save information, he said, students will be better able to remember their presentation.

Learning advancement and commitment will be achieved.

To address the needs of 21st-century learning and current educational design, Okechukwu emphasized the importance of training instructors to get comfortable using the interactive whiteboard. He believes that technology is useful in helping teachers build their own capacities. It also allows teachers to save their work and rename it on the system, which is useful for creating a collection of teaching materials and keeping up with revisions. The classroom will operate under the teacher’s direction, and they will be the ones in charge of maintaining order and keeping students on task.

According to him, the boards are necessary for schools and are attracting interest from numerous private institutions. He emphasized that school administrators can evaluate the effectiveness of their teachers with this technological tool. Zuma Marketing receives significantly more engagement from private schools than from public schools. Students are drawn to the innovative methods of instruction. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in public schools. Schools can afford to get at least one of these boards. Also, banks are a partner in financing the whiteboard’s development.

More schools are buying into educational technology now.

The interactive whiteboard is used in classrooms in states like Adamawa, Yobe, Katsina, Oyo, Abia, Rivers, Edo, Ekiti, Benue, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, and Bayelsa. Although public schools are hesitant to implement the board, momentum is building. The whiteboard is an indispensable tool for them. That’s the way the future looks. There will be an information gap if they don’t adopt it. The use of the whiteboard has become standard practice in classrooms across Nigeria. He remarked that the benefit was sufficient for the educational system as a whole.

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