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Industrial strike action looms by NLC

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By Mercy Kelani

Provision of palliatives and increment in salaries are major issues.

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is set to go on strike before Federal Government and the organized labour scheduled to hold on Monday. The NLC has demanded that the government should settles its demands by easing the outcome of the removal of fuel subsidies. It asserted that it does not mind reaching out to its members to commence as the previous strike action was only suspended the last time. The Nigerian Labour Congress also lamented that about the unbearable suffering which the inflation of fuel prices has caused, increasing hardship within the country.

It stated that the government must be quick with their plan through provision of palliatives. Additionally, it hoped for an increment in minimum wages —from #30,000 to #150,000. Prior to this moment, there had been a meeting between the Federal Government and the Labour Union on June 5, 2023 with an adjournment to reconvene on June 19 in order to concur on the resolutions reached for the implementation framework. Femi Gbajabiamila, the former speaker of the House of Representatives and the current Chief of Staff to the President, divulged this information after the meeting between government representatives and NLC in Abuja at President Villa.

2021 agreement to revive CNG conversion programme.

He accounted for the meeting held on June 5 and the agreement that was reached which is a seven-point resolution to control the effect of the removal of subsidies on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), which is generally known as petrol by Nigerians. Gbajabiamila stated that the TUC, the federal government, and the NLC agreed to the establishment of a joint committee to evaluate the proposal for any system of award or increment on wages and enhance the establishment of a framework and duration for the implementation.

Also, he said that the TUC and the NLC plan to review the World Bank Financed Cash transfer scheme and suggests the inclusion of low-earners in the programme. There was also a proposition to revive the conversion programme for CNG which was agreed with Labour centres that was earlier asserted in 2021, while working out the implementation and timing. The Vice President of NLC, Adewale Adeyanju, emphasized on the Labour’s expectation on the scheduled meeting on June 19, and urged the government to act wisely.

NLC’s VP expressed optimism towards the FG’s conclusion.

According to NLC Vice President, the Labour has proposed many bills to the government such as the revamping of the refineries. He added that the nation cannot progress through importation of refined petroleum products and usage of the income on subsidy at all times. He added that Labour has set their demands and they will be tabled for the government to be reviewed. Adeyanju revisited the suspension of the strike due to their demands and needs. Ultimately, he highlighted the difficulty faced by the Labour.

With this, he restated the resolution that will be reached between the federal government and the Labour Union. He emphasized the priority of the lives of the people who will bear the outcomes of the conclusion of the meeting. He also displayed his optimism in the meetings, by giving positive hope concerning the fruitfulness of the meeting. Adeyanju stated the public expectation of the meeting and admonished the government to act wisely because of the unbearable inflation of fuel pumps and other goods.

IPMAN President says oil marketers await outcome of meeting.

NLC further spoke on the proposal by oil marketers to deploy Compressed Natural Gas at filling stations, affirming that a technical committee has been established by the federal government to take care of the matter. He said that the federal government has already put in place the committee to evaluate the issues, at the same time he urged the people not to prevent any outcomes from the meeting. Chinedu Okonkwo, the National President of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), said that marketers are expecting the outcome of the meeting on Monday before executing any action.

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