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India to invest $14bn in the Nigerian economy

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By Mercy Kelani

FG & India collaborated to devise tactics aimed at bolstering bilateral ties.

Doris Uzoka-Anite, the Minister overseeing Industry, Trade, and Investment, has disclosed a noteworthy economic development for Nigeria. Surprisingly, investors from India have displayed their willingness to infuse a staggering $14 billion into the country’s thriving economy. Uzoka-Anite expressed her admiration for the joint efforts of Nigeria and India, as she released a statement last Wednesday, acknowledging the successful conclusion of their sixth session of the Nigeria-India Joint Commission meeting. Uzoka-Anite disclosed that there is a significant presence of around 150 Indian companies in Nigeria, with a considerable number of them enjoying widespread recognition among the local populace.

A multitude of Nigerian individuals were discovered to have warmly welcomed the presence of Indian enterprises, including but not limited to Bharti Airtel, Tata, Stallion Motors, Churchgate, and Indorama, amongst various others. While the blue economy plays a key role, it is noteworthy that the Federal Government and India have collaborated to devise tactics aimed at bolstering the bilateral ties between the two nations, with a specific focus on augmenting economic growth and attracting greater influx of investments.

Enhancing trade relations and economic cooperation.

On January 24, 2024, the Director of Press and Public Relations at the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy, Olujimi Oyetomi, made an announcement about this matter, as stated in a signed statement. The Nigeria-India Business Council recently organized the India Trade Mission in Nigeria, which coincided with the Nigeria-India Business Forum. The primary focus of these events was to enhance trade relations and foster greater economic cooperation between the two nations. The theme of the forum was ‘Expanding Trade,’ and it aimed to explore new avenues and opportunities for increasing trade activities between Nigeria and India.

It fills the minister with great satisfaction to witness the unification of Nigeria and India through this forum, as it provides a platform for collaborative efforts and strategic planning towards the exploration of investment prospects in the two nations. The minister expressed confidence in the forum’s potential to enhance the mutual relations between the two nations. Consequently, this could lead to a boost in foreign direct investment, advancements in capacity and technology transfer, and the promotion of sustainable business collaborations between the public and private sectors in both countries.

Prospects include bolstering port infrastructure.

Oyetola emphasizes that the timing of the business forum is opportune, as the Federal Government is fully committed to capitalizing on the immense opportunities offered by the blue economy, utilizing a collaborative approach between the public and private sectors. In addition, he emphasized the anticipated outcomes of the project, presenting various prospects in terms of economic collaboration. These prospects include bolstering port infrastructure, catalyzing investments in the blue economy, advancing tourism facilities, establishing export processing centers for agricultural exports, and facilitating passenger transportation and tourism services within inland waterways.

These are a few examples among a wide array of potential areas for cooperation. India, through the efforts of its Minister of External Affairs, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, not only emphasized the importance of strengthening relations and partnerships with Nigeria, but also shed light on the various developmental initiatives undertaken by India throughout Nigeria. The minister further pledged unwavering support in key domains such as technological exchange, ensuring agricultural sustainability, and propelling advancements in the blue economy.

Minister says India reached out to Nigeria and Africa to form an alliance.

Jaishankar highlighted that the vast array of 200 development initiatives undertaken by the Indian government throughout Nigeria serves as indisputable evidence of their profound dedication and efforts towards nurturing relationships and enhancing collaboration with the country. He further commented on the fact that India reached out to Nigeria and Africa, expressing their commitment to forming an alliance. He emphasized that working with the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy will create additional connections, strengthening the bond between these two nations.

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1 month ago

India to invest $14bn in the Nigerian economy. – FG & India collaborated to devise tactics aimed at bolstering bilateral ties.Express your point of view.

30 days ago

In Nigeria’s economy, India is set to invest $14 billion. – India and FG worked together to develop strategies meant to improve bilateral relations.   This news from India is fantastic. Our mutual relationship will be strengthened by working together with the. Also, it will generate the most interest in our favor.

30 days ago

It’s great to see how the governments of India and Nigeria are working together to build economic opportunities and improve bilateral relations. The Nigerian economy stands to gain greatly from a $14 billion investment, which would stimulate job creation and economic expansion.

Adeoye Adegoke
30 days ago

That’s fantastic news! The investment of $14 billion by India in the Nigerian economy is a significant development. The collaboration between the Nigerian government and India to strengthen bilateral ties and devise tactics for economic growth is truly promising. This investment has the potential to create new opportunities, boost trade, and enhance cooperation between the two countries. It’s exciting to see such partnerships that can contribute to the progress and prosperity of both nations. 🌍💼🤝

29 days ago

This news about India investing $14 billion in Nigeria’s economy is fantastic! It’s a major boost for our country and shows the strength of our bilateral ties. I’m excited about the potential benefits across various sectors, and it reflects positively on the collaborative efforts between Nigeria and India.