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In Vitro Fertilization treatment in Nigeria

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By Mercy Kelani

Assessing the medical history of a patient, age, and other facts is vital.

Joe Khalifeh, a maternal-foetal medicine specialist at One Wellness Center, in an interview, spoke on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in Nigeria and how the clinic he works at deals with the ongoing brain drain in the healthcare industry. One Wellness Centre is a women’s health clinic that specializes in reproductive health through the use of state-of-the-art medical technology, with a staff of well-trained globally experienced experts. The services they render includes gynaecology, regular check-ups, fertility treatment, obstetrics, aesthetic gynaecology, and prenatal care.

Fertility treatment given to a specific patient is determined by thorough consultation with the clinic’s fertility professionals. It is usually a comprehensive approach as it has to do with the assessment of the detailed medical history of the patient, duration of infertility, age, the underlying cause of infertility, and the particular preferences and circumstances of the patient and their spouse. This evaluation helps in the recommendation of the most appropriate and personalized treatment options, which are medically effective and designed for maximization of the likelihood for success.

One Wellness introduced a trend called ovarian rejuvenation.

According to Khalifeh, foetal development is triggered by various factors. They include genetic influences — chromosomal abnormalities and inheritance patterns; maternal factors — maternal health conditions and the impact of advanced maternal age; and environmental factors — potential exposure to radiation or infections, and the significant role of nutrition. Therefore, there is a need for regular and complete prenatal care which consists of prenatal tests and regular check-ups. This guarantees a healthy pregnancy journey for mother and child.

He added that in Nigeria, there is a current trend of social egg-freezing, which is caused by societal changes, where women increasingly bend to prioritization of higher education and careers before building their families. Also, the clinic has introduced a leading trend called “ovarian rejuvenation”, which makes it stand out in the fertility treatments field. This procedure is focused on the enhancement of fertility and extension of the reproductive timeline for women, giving them more control and flexibility over the planning of their family.

The success rates of IVF could differ as a result of several factors.

Furthermore, the maternal-foetal medicine specialist asserted that IVF treatment has no particular difference between Nigeria and other African countries. There is a general consistency in the standard procedures and protocols in IVF across the African continent which ensure that patients receive equal level of expertise, care, and access to advanced technology in different locations. The success rates of IVF could differ as a result of several factors, which includes the major cause of infertility and the age of a woman. Failures can be due to uterine issues, the quality of eggs, and the psychological stress of the process, which can affect outcomes.

IVF treatment is individualized and varies depending on the medical history and needs of an individual. Khalifeh stated that as a fertility specialist, his job is to ensure provision of a treatment plan designed according to their individual needs and circumstances. Although the cost of the treatment cannot be generalized, the clinic has initiated partnerships with many banks, that are providing intervention funds to ensure that financial challenges do not impede access to quality fertility treatment.

Brain drain challenges Nigerian healthcare industry.

Speaking on brain drain in Nigerian healthcare industry, Khalifeh said that it poses a challenge to the sector. He further praised in the staff of One Wellness, saying that they are a qualified team of expatriate and Nigerian healthcare professionals who have unwavering commitment to the delivery of high quality services to their patients. He stated emphatically that they are unique by their unwavering commitment to high standards, the top-notch equipment they employ, and their expertise.

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