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Improving the response capabilities of Police

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By Mercy Kelani

This is to aid rapid response to distress calls from Nigerian citizens.

Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, the Minister of Police Affairs, has emphasized on the need for citizens to enjoy a safer environment through collective addressing of response time issues by the Police ecosystem on distress calls from the people. This statement was made by Senator Ibrahim alongside Hajia Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, the Minister of State, during an official briefing at the headquarters of the ministry in Abuja, with IGP Kayode Egbetokun, the Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Gaidam stated that proper management of information, the building of mutual trust, inter-agency collaboration, and the effective use of Technology are measures that could aid the achievement of this action. He said that collaboration and teamwork will establish a safer environment for all citizens and also promote National Security. Also, three units of the Police Mobile Force will be established as a standby force in each state command to enhance the force’s response capabilities. It will guarantee effective and rapid response to future incidents.

It helps the system to be smarter and one step ahead of lawbreakers.

Trust building and Community Engagement will be prioritized as well. The people will also have active involvement fostered by the police force for the promotion of a sense of partnership and cooperation. There would be a creation of unified front against unlawful activities, ensuring more efficient response through the promotion of collaboration between local, state and federal law enforcement. He affirmed that specialized units need to be established by the Police to combat the various forms of criminal activities present in the country.

He said that the step will involve capacity building programs and comprehensive training for officers, Investment in technology for crime prevention and surveillance which will ensure promotion of officers’ capabilities in maintenance of law and order. Functional mechanisms of gathering intelligence are essential for efficient crime prevention. In addition, establishment of robust systems to evaluate and collect intelligence is crucial. This helps the system to be smarter and one step ahead of lawbreakers. Cooperation between the Judiciary and the police is likewise important.

Respect for the dignity and rights of all Nigerians will be guaranteed.

The Minister stressed that there is a need for the establishment of devices to monitor the conducts of the force in order to preserve professional ethics and standards, through usage of operational vehicles, dashboard cameras and body-worn cameras. This will guarantee respect for the dignity and rights of all Nigerians, all the time. Also, there will be a prohibition of indiscipline from the force, ensuring due observation of discipline as a priority, notwithstanding cadre or rank. It also supports exchange of ideas and progressive discussions on formulation of a robust working system for the police force in Nigeria.

According to his statement, he had served as the Chief Security Officer and governor of a state affected by Boko Haram brutality for more than a decade. Through the experiences he had gathered, he reiterated the need to reform the police force, using global best practices to guarantee public safety. Hajia Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, the Minister of State, added that the presentation was holistic and helpful as the ministry works to create initiatives which will align with the President’s Renewed Hope agenda.

President Tinubu’s tenure will be favourable — police boss.

Sulaiman-Ibrahim added that the police force must be viewed as a technology-driven organization with non-negotiable intelligence-driven policing. The Ministers were commended by the Acting IGP, Kayode Egbetokun, for their appointment. Egbetokun expressed the excitement of the police force on the new initiative by Mr. President. He affirmed his confidence on the assumption that this tenure will be good and favourable for all Nigerians. He highlighted the general internal situation, challenges and general operations in the country when presenting a template to generate policies for the ministry.


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