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Impact of AI on entertainment industry

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By Usman Oladimeji

There is a need for guidelines and regulations in adopting AI.

Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the creative industry has brought about concerns from the actors’ part. Experts in the industry fear that AI, even as it tends to make an impact, could eventually make their role obsolete. Such concerns escalated in the Hollywood industry where actors and artists initiated a strike action to demand safeguards against the encroachment of AI. Significant areas of contention in the creative industry revolve around the utilization of AI for scriptwriting, generating actors’ likenesses, and potentially reducing costs associated with creative work.

Within the industry, AI is currently being explored across a multitude of operations, including pre-production tasks, content personalization, and search optimization and disruption. Olamide Olaitan, A&R and lead consultant at The Agency African, posits that Nigeria has the potential to emerge as a frontrunner in the AI field, provided that appropriate policies and regulations are implemented. Whilst Nigeria is in the process of formulating policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks for AI, it is imperative to underscore the necessity of guidelines and regulations tailored to address ethical considerations, data protection, and accountability in adopting it.

Revolutionary capacity of AI comes with risks and concerns.

Due to the broad spectrum of expertise required for AI adoption, the Nigerian entertainment industry would benefit from government investment in AI education and training programmes. It is highly plausible that as AI technology develops, eventually it will enable creators to create content that is indistinguishable from those created by humans. Olaitan posits that the revolutionary capacity of AI comes with risks and concerns, encompassing cyber-attacks, data breaches, and privacy violations. Industry leaders need to address these issues and implement robust cybersecurity safeguards to ensure the safety of sensitive data.

Government has an important part to play in fostering the growth of AI in the entertainment industry. Ethical concerns, data protection, and responsibility in the use of AI need to be addressed with clear standards and legislation. The government can facilitate the entertainment industry’s and beyond adoption of AI by offering funding and incentives for AI startups, promoting awareness, developing a comprehensive AI policy, cooperating with international organizations, investing in AI research and development, and addressing data availability and quality.

Most software used to create content is now Al integrated.

Leveraging AI, the Nigerian entertainment industry could benefit from its potential in creating new content, new story ideas, scripts, and musical compositions. It can also be utilized in setting up shoot dates and locations that work well with the stories. As per the industry experts, the Nigerian entertainment sector is presently in the early stages of adopting AI and harnessing its vast potential. The industry’s future rests on its ability to adapt to a shifting environment; if it can embrace AI, it stands a good chance of becoming a global leader.

According to John Ekeh, cinematographer and video editor at Ebonylife Creatives Academy, the slow adoption of AI in Nigeria is due to the fact that Nigerian creators rely on Al-integrated software developed by companies operating outside of the country. Most software used to create entertaining content are now Al integrated. In the Al space, writing is one of the earliest prominent services. People utilize Al software to do a wide variety of things, including writing scripts, taking pictures, and editing videos using features like auto scene detection and auto audio mix.

Using AI requires consideration of ethical concerns.

Ekeh said to protect intellectual property, Al needs to be reined in, and it is incumbent upon creators to stay abreast of technological developments and seek out new methods to integrate Al into their creations. An anonymous creative director and producer says he is enthusiastically embracing AI and studying its evolution. Since AI is becoming more prevalent, it’s important to explore its potential applications in filmmaking through experimentation. Using AI requires consideration of ethical concerns such as data privacy, intellectual property and copyright infringement.

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