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History will speak of my legacy – Buhari

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Buhari affirmed that his government had done all it could to improve Nigeria.

Speaking at the concluding scorecard series in Abuja titled “Preserving PMB Legacy,” hosted by the Ministry of Information and Culture, President Muhammadu Buhari remarked that history and time would testify greatly to his stewardship and achievement so far. The president, through his Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, expressed confidence that his government had done all it could to improve the lives of the people it was entrusted with serving. At the event, the PMB Legacy Portal, Witness Series, Documentary, and a Compilation showcasing the Buhari Administration’s accomplishments were unveiled, as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He noted that the ministry highlighted and compiled the administration’s accomplishments as evident. He promises they will accurately document what happened during the eight years of his tenure. He stated that the preservation of the works in a variety of formats would strengthen the correctness and authenticity of the works. The president remarked that these five works would serve as a valuable resource for future historians and academics, regardless of their stance on his administration.

People’s success testimonies were recorded in the series.

The president discussed the content of the effect put into the work, saying that the testimony series highlighted the testimonials of genuine beneficiaries of the regime’s Social Investment Programmes (SIP). According to him, the testimony series effectively demonstrated SIP’s status as the continent’s largest social investment programme and its positive effects. The N-Power program helped an unemployed graduate find a new, lucrative career path; also, a local petty trader was able to develop her business owing to TraderMoni; passengers’ were also delighted at the efficiency of seamless trains and airports system.

Furthermore, the president of the rice farmers organization explained that owing to the Anchor Borrowers Programme, rice output throughout the nation has increased significantly. These are actual people who have been given a chance to better themselves and their communities, who have been given reason to believe that Nigeria can be turned for the better in their lifetime. He remarked that the scorecard series offered a forum in which ministers could detail their strengths and weaknesses, as well as reveal their objectives for their respective agencies.

Coming administration would have his model to follow – Buhari.

President Buhari applauded the work of Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, and his staff for creating such amazing, unique, and robust archival materials. The future administrations, he claimed, would have a model to follow thanks to them. The minister noted that the scorecard series served as campaign tools for the current All Progressives Congress and its aspirants in the 2023 general election. They’ve proven they’re not only campaign-ready but they’re also loaded for choice. They looked beyond the present by building the Legacy Portal as an online archive of past successes. He claimed this had never happened before in the country’s history.

Also, the minister stated that the scorecard series was implemented to integrate everything that the ministry has been carrying out since 2015 to spread the administration’s policies and programs. He stated that the event served as a response to the criticism that had been levelled against the Buhari government by the opponents and the doubters, who claimed that the Buhari administration had accomplished nothing. The minister assured that the other four versions that the president inaugurated would achieve the same degree of success as the scorecard series success.

His stewardship compendium should be given wide publicity.

Moreover, the president called for positive publicity for the accounts in both traditional and emerging media platforms. He asserted that the Documentary and Testimony Series ought to be widely heard on the radio, on television, and on Social Media. To further include, excite, and inspire Nigerians and those who would see and hear it, he suggested that the Compendium be widely disseminated in both hard and soft copy. With the understanding that government is a continuous one, the president expressed hope that his successor would continue and complete the work begun by his administration. He remarked that serving the Nigerian people was an honor and a privilege for the administration.


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