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High prices of airfares discourage vacations

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigerians resort to local destinations, suspending foreign trips.

The hike of airfares cost from Nigeria to the US and Europe has made many citizens of Nigeria to abort their vacation travel plans and stay locally for their vacations in Nigeria. There has been a sharp rise in travel costs from Nigeria to different countries at the rate of more than N760/$ due to the hike in dollar exchange rate. The exchange rate of a dollar in the official market was N773, and in the parallel market for N940. This new development was caused by the floating of naira by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Commercial banks were also directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensure that market-determined rates are used to sell foreign exchange. CEO of Bankly, Tomilola Majek, said that his summer plans ought to be in Italy or Malta, which is because he did not want to squander a year’s Schengen visa. He said that he cancelled the trip when he saw the summer travel cost which was exuberant for him to pay. Nevertheless, he announced that he will spend his four days summer holiday in Lakowe Lakes in Nigeria.

Economy class ticket from Nigeria to the US & Europe is N3 million.

Also, many Nigerians aborted their summer travel trips, to various countries, for the year, just like Majek, due to the hike in travel cost. According to reports, many Nigerians aborted their proposed plans to spend their summer vacation in Europe and the United States due to the inflation of airfares cost that has tripled amidst the scarcity of FX in Nigeria. Report further revealed that the cost for economy class ticket from Nigeria to cities across the US and Europe is N3 million.

Cost of travel tickets is soaring aggressively. Adegoke Ife stressed these issues during his complaints on the international flight prices, saying that there have been predicted reductions in vacations abroad, which further gives more focus to patronage in Nigeria. Many Nigerians stayed in the country to observe their vacations which further awakens the liveliness of local holiday destinations. The reactions from Nigerians on this issue is seen from their suspension of vacations to the United States and Europe.

FX issues have caused many people to suspend their vacation & study trips.

Nevertheless, traction has been continually gained by Nigerian destinations due to the proximity and affordability of these places. A cyber security expert, Jimi Akintunde, changed his International vacation honeymoon to Nigeria after his wedding due to the cost of travel tickets. He said that he planned, along with his wife, to observe their honeymoon in Seychelles, but the plan changed and they agreed to spend their honeymoon in a private resort in Lagos. He added that much has been spent on their wedding and the price of the flight is too exorbitant.

Based on the tweet of an HR specialist, @Isio_gaia, it was stated that she changed her summer vacation from an international country, Bali, to Tarkwa Bay cabin. She said that the vacation got her acquainted with comfortable holiday locations in the country. In addition, the CEO of, a travel agent and vacation connoisseur, stated that the effects of FX issues have caused many people to suspend their vacation and study trips. He added that people patronizing local tourist centers is a symbol of good development in the economic landscape.

There are fantastic places to visit in Nigeria for vacation.

Despair has been taken away, when it comes to summer vacation in Nigeria, because there are fantastic places to visit in Nigeria. La Campagne Tropicana, Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Lakowe Lakes and Golf, IITA Ibadan, Obudu cattle ranch, Le Meridien Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort – Akwa Ibom State, are the top local destinations in Nigeria to take for summer vacation. These places offer different amenities and activities to their guests such as sightseeing, hiking, golfing, swimming, and many more. Also, they are affordable to all, considering the budget of travellers.

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