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Henkel Nigeria supports scientific initiative

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Equipping children with knowledge will pave the way for a promising future.

The German company, Henkel has embraced its vision of pioneering Innovation and facilitating scientific Education by commemorating the 2023 International Week of Science and Peace. This occasion serves as an opportunity for Henkel to launch various initiatives to encourage intellectual inquisitiveness and promote educational resource growth. Rajat Kapur, the managing director overseeing Henkel Nigeria, addressed an event that united the international science and peace week with World Children’s Day. During his speech, Kapur showcased the company’s eagerness to participate in the educational advancement of young intellects actively.

Also, the company takes great pride in its contribution to the inspiration of aspiring scientists and the cultivation of a passion for education. Their endeavour, which is a Researchers’ World initiative, exemplifies their dedication to making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve. They firmly believe that equipping children with knowledge and nurturing their curiosity towards science not only empowers them but also paves the way for a more promising and ecologically sound future, affirmed the spokesperson.

Young minds are introduced to the fascinating world of science.

During the week dedicated to promoting science and peace worldwide, Henkel Nigeria collaborated with the Girls and Women’s Technological Empowerment Organisation to showcase their renowned initiative, Forscherwelt, the Researchers’ World. This educational program inculcates scientific methodology, critical thinking, and innovative skills in children globally. The primary goal of this program is to offer young individuals a valuable understanding of the scientific inquiry process. It encompasses various research domains that are directly related to Henkel’s core competencies, such as adhesion, cleansing, personal hygiene, and eco-friendliness.

In addition, the company impressed everyone with their delightful visit to the IMG Moore Plantation Nursery and Primary School, where they brought the captivating realm of science and exciting activities to young, eager minds. The main purpose of this science program was to cultivate an atmosphere where curiosity is ignited, empowering students to explore various scientific concepts through interactive experiments. Ultimately, this endeavour seeks to foster a deep-rooted passion for science right from the early stages of education.

Educational advancement and resources are provided for children.

As part of their experimental activities, the children acquired the essential skills of creating their own adhesives and analysing different types of food to detect the existence of starch. Similarly, the principal of IMG Moore Plantation School expressed great satisfaction with the results of this training and praised Henkel Nigeria for organising such a valuable scientific session on World Children’s Day. This event not only provided the pupils with a memorable experience but also fostered their scientific growth. The company has presented their students with an exceptional chance, which the students deeply appreciate.

Involvement in these activities was highly captivating, instilling a strong belief that it would greatly influence the educational expedition of the children. With its firm commitment to corporate social responsibility and unwavering faith in educational prowess, The company’s commemoration of the International Week of Science and Peace along with World Children’s Day serves as a testament to its philanthropic endeavours. These initiatives persistently yield significant impacts, fostering continuous progress within the communities where the company operates.

More of the company products are in high demand.

Moreover, Henkel is a global leader in both the industrial and consumer sectors, dominating the market with its array of brands, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies. In the adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings space, the Adhesive Technologies business unit has firmly established itself as a world leader. Furthermore, Henkel’s dominance extends to consumer products, particularly in the space of hair care, laundry, and home care. Across numerous markets and categories worldwide, the company’s Consumer Brands division proudly holds the top positions.


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