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Greensprings students win Conrad scholarship

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By Abiodun Okunloye

With awards and scholarships, the three students will represent Nigeria in USA.

Following their emergence as Nigeria’s overall best at the 2023 Conrad Challenge, which took place in February, three students, Segun Balogun, Adewale Saliu, and David Onukwugha, have been chosen to represent Nigeria in the United States of America. The three students, who are from Greensprings School in Lagos, Nigeria, will be representing the country at the global Conrad Summit, which is planned to take place at the Johnson/Kennedy Space Center in the United States of America.

Three students received $1 million in cash, $298,000 in scholarships for their education, and an invitation to represent their country at the Global Conrad Summit in April. Team SAD, an acronym created from the first letters of each student’s first name, was used to represent their school at the competition, and they presented their winning application, which serves as a bridge between skilled artisans and those in need of their services through smartphones. Since its founding in 1985, Greensprings School has grown to become one of Nigeria’s top schools.

Team SAD emerged as the cyber-technology and security division winner.

In reference to Greensprings School’s involvement in the challenge, the acting deputy director of Education, Feyisara Ojugo, stated that the school brought five teams out of the total of 230 teams that competed in the contest from a variety of schools. Only four of the five teams were able to advance to the finals. Team SAD emerged as the winner in the cyber-technology and security division, as well as the winner in Nigeria overall, and was awarded the grand prize as a result of their efforts over the course of several weeks.

Moreover, Clarkson University offered $60,000 in scholarships as well as awards of achievement to the 15 students who participated on the four finalist teams, Ojugo said. In her speech of praise to the students, she noted that she was especially proud of the fact that they had won not only the competition but also developed an application that would assist in addressing a specified problem in the nation by linking craftsmen with individuals who need them, thereby providing a wider market without location limitations.

Knowledge obtained in school is applied to a real world problem.

She asserts that it also gives customers instant access to a network of craftsmen at their convenience, so they don’t have to drive around for hours looking for workmen. She further stated that students could use what they are taught to help solve problems in the world. She said that in addition to making the winning app for the contest, the students also made a tech-based service that helps connect artists with people who need their services quickly and easily.

Also, she said that the school had made coding a major subject that all students had to take. For this to function, they have to know that the language of the future is coding. And she’s glad that the students are making precious use of what they were taught to solve problems in the real world. She can only hope that the students will do even better in the future. She also said that she was very happy for the champions of this year’s Conrad Challenge.

Summit offers a platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Conrad Challenge is a goal-driven innovation contest to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs who will transform the world. It’s a place where students ages 13 to 18 can learn how to be entrepreneurs and make new friends by using science, technology, and creativity to solve problems that affect the whole world. With step-by-step instructions and the help of industry experts, students can improve their ability to work together, be creative, think critically, and communicate.

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