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Gov’t set to enact changes on foreign policy

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

Efforts to review the country’s foreign policy aims to make it better.

In a recent development, the National Assembly has revealed that Nigeria foreign policy will soon undergo restructuring in accordance with international best practices considering the fact that Africa might not continue to be the focal point of the country’s foreign policy. Senator Abubakar Bello of the Senate and Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin of the House of Representatives met with President Bola Tinubu recently to discuss this matter and find a path forward towards a more defined strategy.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting at Abuja State House, Bello stated that the country’s foreign policy would soon undergo revisions in an effort to make it better. In regards to the changes, Bello, the former governor of Niger State, stated that remarkable progress has been made by the president in implementing the desired modifications. He said the discussion centered on enhancing the nation’s foreign policies, aiming for a comprehensive and articulate framework that ensures mutual understanding amongst all individuals and supersedes the welfare of Nigerian citizens and the entire country.

Valuable advice has been offered to the president to enhance the policy.

It is expected that our foreign policies will undergo significant transformations in the next coming months, he said. These changes aim to establish a comprehensive understanding among all stakeholders, guaranteeing that Nigeria and its citizens are rightfully recognized and respected in the global landscape. He expressed delight over the President’s courageous measures aimed at enhancing Nigeria and Nigerians’ reputation on the global stage. Also, he mentioned that a collaborative effort between the executive and legislative arms has been agreed upon to jointly strive towards attaining these objectives.

Bello reiterated that It is now the moment to embark on a courageous journey towards recalibrating our foreign policies to align with optimal approaches and international norms. He expressed confidence in the future collaboration with the executive arm to thoroughly examine our past agreements and treaties, identifying those that require amendments and those that must be put into practice. Supporting the stance of the Senate committee chairman, Jibrin stated that they provided valuable advice to the president, outlining ways to enhance the policy.

Foreign policy is fundamentally based on national interests.

Furthermore, he highly praised the President’s foreign policy, encapsulated in the 4Ds – democracy, development, demography, and diaspora, for its exceptional articulation and vibrant approach. According to his statement, anyone interested in International Relations and foreign policy would find unanimous approval in considering it a finely expressed foreign policy. Remarking on the development in an interview, Joe Keshi, a (Rtd) Nigeria Diplomat, argued the minister of foreign affairs should be responsible for devising the necessary framework for the nation’s foreign policy, saying that foreign policy is fundamentally based on national interests and cannot change overnight.

While speaking at the launch of the 4Ds Foreign Policy Exhibition in Abuja, Yusuf Tuggar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, stressed the distinctive and dynamic nature of the initiative in highlighting Nigerian historical and diplomatic involvements. He assured to introduce a groundbreaking foreign policy that would elevate Nigeria’s position to the forefront of international decision-making and strategic thinking. The minister also affirmed commitment to restructure the Ministry with maximum efficiency, ensuring its active involvement in advancing Nigeria’s interests on the global scale.

Nigeria approach embrace unity and independence.

Initially, Nigerian approach to foreign affairs centers around Africa as a dominant force in the region, embracing core principles such as unity and independence among African nations and capability of exerting considerable influence over neighbouring states peacefully, while steadfastly upholding the resolution of conflicts through peaceful means. Nigeria also emphasizes its commitment to non-alignment and refrains from meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. Furthermore, the nation actively promotes regional economic cooperation and development as integral aspects of its foreign policy agenda.

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2 months ago

Gov’t set to enact changes on foreign policy. – Efforts to review the country’s foreign policy aims to make it better. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s great news! It’s always important for a government to periodically review and update its foreign policy to ensure it aligns with the changing global landscape and serves the best interests of the country. By enacting changes to the foreign policy, the government is demonstrating its commitment to making it even better.
A well-crafted foreign policy can help a country navigate international relations, promote its values and interests, and foster positive diplomatic relationships. It provides a framework for engaging with other nations, collaborating on shared goals, and addressing global challenges.
Efforts to review and improve the country’s foreign policy show a proactive approach to adapt to evolving dynamics and seize new opportunities. It allows the government to assess its priorities, strengthen existing partnerships, explore new avenues for cooperation, and effectively represent the country’s interests on the global stage.
I’m excited to see how these changes in the foreign policy will shape Nigeria’s international engagements and contribute to its overall development and influence. It’s a dynamic and crucial aspect of governance that can have a profound impact on the country’s standing in the world.

2 months ago

Having a foreign policy that is in line with the nation’s objectives and ideals requires clarity and definition. Enhancement of diplomatic ties, encouragement of global collaboration, and safeguarding of domestic interests are all possible through the government.Anticipating how these foreign policy adjustments would impact Nigeria’s global interactions and add to the country’s overall growth and stature excites me.

2 months ago

Government not planning to change its foreign policy. The goal of the review process is to improve the nation’s foreign policy.To ensure that its goals are met and the global environment is maintained, a government should constantly assess and amend its foreign policy on a regular basis. With the help of its foreign policy, a country can advance its goals and foster favorable ties.

2 months ago

The potential restructuring of our foreign policy reflects a dynamic approach, shifting focus while aiming for global recognition. The emphasis on unity, independence, and collaboration between branches is promising for our nation’s future interactions on the international stage.