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Govt caution recruitment of unqualified teachers

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By Usman Oladimeji

Teachers are required to obtain PQE to obtain license and certification.

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), on behalf of the federal government, is cautioning both state governments and Private School owners against hiring teachers who lack the necessary TRCN certification and license. A total of 12,539 candidates participated in the May Diet of the Teachers’ Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) organized by TRCN nationwide. Dr. Jacinta Ezeahurukwe, the Director of Certification and Licensing at TRCN, emphasized to reporters at SASCON International School in Abuja that the teachers’ qualifying exam, implemented by TRCN, is here to stay.

According to her, the PQE, an Exam specifically aimed at evaluating the professional expertise of educators, is mandatory for all teachers seeking licensing and certification to teach in Nigerian classrooms. Ezeahurukwe emphasized the importance of ensuring that all states and organizations recruiting teachers, from primary to tertiary level, are hiring qualified individuals. He stated that it is necessary for all teachers to undergo a certification process in order to be officially recognized as qualified educators.

12,539 candidates signed up to take part in the exam.

Moreover, the licensing process for professional teachers in Nigeria involves the Professional Qualifying Examination, which is held twice annually under Batch ‘A’ and Batch ‘B’. Batch ‘A’ is scheduled for May-June, while Batch ‘B’ is in November. This year, the examination for the registered candidates will be conducted in May as part of Batch A for 2024. The examination which began on the 16th of May, is being conducted in every state across the Federation and the FCT.

During the director’s announcement about the registration of candidates for the exam, it was disclosed that a grand total of 12,539 candidates signed up to take part in the exam across the country. She mentioned that approximately 650 candidates enrolled for the exam in FCT. Interestingly, Benue State emerged as the state with the most registered candidates, a surprising development considering its historically low number of registered candidates in previous years. This year, Benue has seen a record number of 1,416 candidates beginning their examinations.

Number of candidates registering has risen over the years.

Osun State ranked just behind Benue with 1,410 registered candidates. Osun State was previously the top contender most of the time. The states with the fewest number of registered candidates were Cross River with 59 and Ebony State with 69. It was observed that the examination had a significant impact that was felt across various regions, leading to an annual increase in its coverage. Ezeahurukwe noticed a rise in the number of candidates registering for the exam due to the Council successfully registering and licensing many teachers.

In contrast to the initial level of interest in the PQE in 2017, it has seen a sudden increase in the number of individuals interested in taking the exam. TRCN currently oversees the administration of professional qualifying assessments and initiations for aspiring teachers upon completion of their studies at Education institutions. It is widely understood that becoming a Teacher requires more than simply declaring oneself as such in a classroom. To become a teacher in Nigeria, it is required to obtain registration and licensing from the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria.

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It is widely recognized that professionals must pass the qualifying examination in order to become registered and licensed in Nigeria. This is a necessary step for certification, just like in various other professions. Since its inception by TRCN, the Professional Qualifying Examination has become a mandatory requirement, she noted. After reviewing the procedures, Dr. Ezeahurukwe determined that this assessment has gained global recognition and is highly reputable. She mentioned that the United Kingdom (UK) has extended the privilege of teachers from Nigeria and five other countries to apply for Qualifying Teachers Status (QTS).


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