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Golden Terra Soya Oil emerges in market

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By Usman Oladimeji

Recognition of the Soya Oil in Nigeria market has skyrocketed.

As consumers in the Nigeria culinary space are now increasingly seeking products that meet their duo needs for both low cost and high nutritional value, the emergence of Golden Terra Soya Oil in to the market has been hailed as a game-changer for the country’s cooking oil market. It has gained more popularity in the Nigerian market owing to its high concentration (5x) of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), specifically Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

In elaboration, it has been shown to reduce cholesterol, maintain a healthy heart, improve neuron function, promote mental health, and strengthen muscle strength, in addition to being a gastronomic treat. In contrast to saturated fats, which are generally considered “bad fat” because of their potential to elevate cholesterol levels and hence the risk of heart disease, PUFA are considered “good fats.” Recognition of the Golden Terra Soya Oil in Nigeria market has skyrocketed, as more and more people are turning to it as an essential item to have in their kitchens considering it healthy benefits.

You can get the oil in different sizes like N50 pouches to 2.5 L kegs.

The oil’s growing market share can be attributed to its low cost and convenient packaging. Customers who are seeking for a healthy, all-purpose cooking oil that can be purchased in quantity for their weekly family meal preparations will appreciate the Mega-Fill pack, which comes in a tamper-proof refill pouch. Since consumers have less disposable income and greater awareness of the importance of finding healthy oil at a reasonable price in a convenient refill bag, the 1-liter pouch reflects current tastes.

It comes in a wide variety of package sizes, from little N50 pouches to larger N500 pouches, as well as 700 ml bottles, 2.5 L kegs, and 4.5 L kegs. The Chief Marketing Officer at TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, has stated that the idea behind the creation of the Golden Terra Soya Oil Mega-Fill Pack was to excite consumers by providing them with a pack size that meets their weekly purchase and providing inexpensive Soya Oil for their meals. He added the team was touched by the overwhelming positive response to this pack from customers. When more people hear how great the Mega-Fill pack is, we think they’ll be more encouraged to purchase.

There has been an increase in the demand for nutrient-dense.

Mrs. Lilian Onyeabor, a health-conscious customer and mother of three, told the media she just switched to Golden Terra Soya Oil after learning it provides the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and health benefits for her family. Reading the ingredient lists on the backs of several culinary brands’ packaging led me to the conclusion that Golden Terra Soya is the best option for my family’s health. There was no foaming or unpleasant aftertaste from the oil.

Moreover, the rising popularity of the oil in Nigerian households is indicative of a societal trend towards more healthful eating habits and a heightened focus on wellbeing. As people grow more health-conscious, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for nutrient-dense alternatives that might help them maintain a healthy diet. According to TGI Group Chief Marketing Officer Probal Bhattacharya, Golden Terra Soya Oil not only provides consumers with a variety of options that are both reasonable and convenient, but also prioritizes the health of its customers.

Soya Oil, produced in Nigeria are of the highest quality.

Bhattacharya continued saying that “We’re happy to provide Golden Terra Soya Oil to those who care about their cooking oil. We expect the brand to become ubiquitous in Nigerian households as a result of its many useful health qualities, he said. The soybeans used to produce Golden Terra Soya Oil are of the highest quality, while the oil itself is produced in Nigeria. Its five times PUFA can only be found on it which has been shown to have many health advantages.

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