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GE’s investment to benefit Nigeria’s energy

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By Timothy Akintola

The company’s renewable energy can be important for addressing climate change.

General Electric (GE), one of the world’s leading energy companies is reshaping its Investment strategy in Nigeria with a particular emphasis that will see it help the country improve its energy transition initiative. This investment strategy is aimed at enhancing Nigeria’s power and energy efficiency which will in turn improve the country’s socioeconomic development. Joseph Anis, the Chief Executive Officer of GE Gas Power, Europe, Middle East and Africa, disclosed this whilst some Nigerian journalists toured the company’s key facilities in Dubai.

General Electric, which boasts of an estimated $14 billion in its annual expenditures, is said to be a step ahead of other Investors in the provision and operation of advanced technologies that can overtly transform the global energy industry. The company also reportedly operates on a Service Centre worth about $11 million and is located in Dubai. Joseph Anis stated that the company’s Jebel Ali Service Centre offers numerous services to help the power sector meet the growing demand for reliable, efficient and sustainable Electricity for an ever-increasing population.

GE to help its customer ensure seamless operations of its assets.

He further pointed that a major focus of the company was to help its customers ensure seamless operations of its assets by implementing swift maintenance and repair services different from other energy companies by its cost effectiveness, commitment to quality and Productivity. He added that some of these repair services include gas turbines and generators, and the on-site services include, blade replacement and repairs, machine repairs, generator rotor seal oil journal repair, stator rewind and other important maintenance. He also stated that it was the company’s only high-speed balancing facility and electrical testing center for rotors in MEA.

Anis also noted that General Electric’s Monitoring and Diagnostic Centre was equipped, with more that 950 power producing utilities employing the center’s monitoring services for more than 6000 power assets. On the Monitoring and Diagnostics Centre, he stated that the country’s investment was a part of its recurrent efforts to promote the digital transformation of the power sector and leverage insights to further support the present dynamics in the energy market. He pointed that it was important to possess a 24/7 market visibility in a bid to further meet the electricity demands of every community more efficiently.

Renewable energy to account for less than 50% of global energy by 2040.

On energy transmission, he noted that emission reduction from the power sector will be very important in addressing Climate Change. He said that the global community must collectively invest in Renewable Energy products, in a bid to achieve the zero-carbon emission target. He however noted that the investment is not being accrued at the speed expected. According to reports, renewable energy by 2040 is to account for less than 50 percent of the global electricity supply. Thus, there is an enormous need to address the energy dilemma, so as to ensure affordable and more efficient energy.

Anis stated that while the global community continues to pump in efforts to promote climate change, gas power and renewable energy will be immensely important for accelerating the transition and the operations of General Electric will continue to help its customers maintain their gas power asset work reliably to enhance their energy transition. Reports also indicated that the company has overtime been working with stakeholders in using innovative technologies to respond to the energy needs in the sub-Saharan Africa. GE is said to deliver across every energy ecosystem and throughout Nigeria.

GE’s investment in Nigeria to help the country realize its power goals.

The chief executive officer of GE Nigeria, Mohammed Mojindadi however noted that the country is perfectly positioned, evidently by its technological capabilities, to improve the energy efficiency in the country. Mojindadi further asserted that the company’s investment in Nigeria will help the country’s energy sector seamlessly realize its power goals. The company is reported to have worked on some important projects to enhance the biggest thermal installed base in Nigeria and its Onshore Wind / Offshore Wind Hydro and Small Modular Reactor Gas Turbine Storage well positions the company to enhance the transition drive in Nigeria.


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