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Foreign partners to bridge Nigerian agric gap

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Agricultural production will be ensured while tackling food insecurity.

Don Ekesiobi, the Chairman of Eurobase Consult Limited, has announced that the company is teaming up with 10 international partners to provide cost-effective agricultural machinery to enhance food production within the nation. In a speech to the Agricultural Correspondents Association of Nigeria (ACAN) , Ekesiobi emphasised the importance of involving the government and private sector in agribusiness. He highlighted the need for the government to create a favourable environment and offer subsidies to ensure food remains affordable for all.

To enhance sustainable agricultural production and ensure food security, a thorough selection process was conducted to choose the 10 reputable international partners known for their successful contributions to global agriculture. These partners could drive growth and innovation within the Nigerian agricultural industry. Their involvement in agricultural projects across various Western and Asian nations has resulted in the development of autonomous food production systems and the significant exportation of goods. They plan on implementing a large-scale agricultural business in Nigeria worth billions of dollars by collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to make it happen.

Key stakeholders formed alliances to tackle food security in Nigeria.

As a private organisation, they took immediate action when the president declared a food security emergency in Nigeria as part of his eight-point agenda. They carefully designed programs and policies to meet this objective, aiming to increase food availability, affordability, and accessibility, generate employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty among women and young people through agricultural machinery and food processing. A plan to tackle food insecurity in Nigeria has been developed by forming key alliances with various stakeholders, including development partners, NGO’s, farmers’ associations, government bodies, and individuals.

This plan will involve implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable farming techniques, prioritising nutritional value, and meeting the demands of both the Nigerian population and the global market. With the nation’s population, the innovative ideas brought by the group will completely change and modernise the agricultural industry. By actively participating in the value chain, they have the potential to generate numerous job opportunities, wealth, and foreign currency, all while addressing the issue of hunger, a top priority for the president.

Nigeria’s import duty on Agro-equipment is expensive.

However, their success hinges on their deliberate efforts and willingness to work together. He announced that a unique Agro Equipment and Technology Expo will take place at the Nigerian air Force (NAF) Conference Center in Abuja on April 16th and 17th, 2024. According to him, the excessive import duties imposed by the Federal Government on agricultural machinery directly contradict the government’s goals of ensuring food security. He called on the federal government to lower the high import tariffs on agricultural equipment to make them more accessible to Nigerian farmers and increase food production nationwide.

Also, he stated Nigeria’s import duty on Agro-equipment is the most expensive globally. He is urging the government to temporarily waive import tariffs on agricultural equipment in response to the president’s declaration of a state of emergency on food security. This would help the country effectively address the need for food security. The federal government should also prioritise the simplification of clearing this equipment. Failure to lower import tariffs by the federal government will hinder the goal of attaining food security.

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Agro-machinery demands significant storage space. When three tractors are transported in a single container, the clearance fees amount to ₦15 million. Three years ago, they cleared this agricultural equipment for ₦3 million. After the clearing, people might not be willing to pay such a hefty price for it. The federal government must eliminate import duties on Agro-equipment to help Nigeria achieve food security. Acting swiftly on this matter will benefit all individuals involved in the same agenda for food security.

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