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Food technology and its impact on well-being

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By Mercy Kelani

It brings about a revolution in the culinary landscape ensuring access to meals.

Nadayar Enegesi, an entrepreneur who has passion for the prosperity and quality of life of African youth, and the founder of Homemade by Eden Life, speaking in an interview, gave insights on his journey into food Technology. He said that time has become a scarce resource today, and food Technology has been helpful towards meeting the most essential need of humans — eating. This Technology is bringing about a revolution in the culinary landscape as it ensures convenient accessibility to quality meals.

Speaking on how his brand contributes to the larger food Technology ecosystem, the CEO stated that Homemade by Eden Life has developed a Technology that allows people easy access to quality homemade food. The brand is likewise developing some tools that would foster efficiency of deliveries. It ensures quality through its food processes — from ingredients to food packaging. As a result, the CEO affirmed that the brand supports the ecosystem in several ways as it provides Technology access to its facilities and processes.

Culinary traditions are preserved by technology.

Enegesi further asserted that there exists a symbiotic relationship between Technology, culinary traditions, and the need for non-stressful dining options. He said that culinary traditions are preserved by Technology by ensuring accessibility to time-bound individuals. Although fast-paced lives could cause a limitation to cooking time, Technology makes up for it as it allows people enjoy traditional flavours. It allows for preservation of the cultural significance of homemade meals through innovative solutions — like the ones provided by Homemade by Eden Life.

Addressing challenges in the food tech industry, he said that companies in the sector face one major challenge while trying to ensure a balance between quality, affordability and delivery time. He said that this challenge has to do with making sure that convenience of pricing does not compromise nutritional integrity, vice versa. He added that companies must devise ways for the Sustainability of these three factors and ensure the happiness of their customers, even as food tech evolves.

Appliances that can be used to make food will improve.

To ensure a balance between the aforementioned factors, companies need to ensure continuous Innovation, partnership with nutritionists, and a commitment towards delivery of nourishing options. He advised that career-oriented individuals need to ensure proper fuelling of their bodies, to live and work well. He stated that the industry is concerned about the enhancement of well-being by making time for other significant activities. As a result," target="_blank">Nutrition is essential and has to do with making and delivering good food.

In Enegesi’s opinion of what innovations he forests would redefine Nigerians’ dining in the future, he said it has to be the Technology that goes into the making of food. This, according to him, is because some meals need intense preparation. He said he believes that appliances that can be used to make food will evolve. He added that the integration of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and sustainable sourcing could reposition the industry, affirming that an open-source database of all recipes and all the foods in Nigeria, made available to everyone, would bring all citizens closer. Also, he stressed that reduced food waste and sustainable sourcing advancements could aid a more efficient and eco-conscious food chain.

Homemade by Eden Life has a deep commitment to transparency.

The CEO, Homemade by Eden Life, speaking on the dynamism and competitiveness of the food service market in Nigeria, said that trust and loyalty are essential to the mission of the food brand. He stated that right at the core of the company’s strategy to build and maintain the trust and loyalty of customers is its mission to ensure safety, quality and hygienic preparation of its meals. Enegesi further assured that Homemade by Eden Life has a deep commitment to transparency as it believes in enabling an honest and open relationship with its customers.

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