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Flying for Healthcare, along with our doctors

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It's not only Nigerian officials leaving the country for foreign medical accommodations.

There is no problem with Minimum Wage, unless I work a minimum wage job. There is no problem with Education, as I am already educated. There is no problem with Healthcare, as I don’t seek medical treatment in Nigeria! People say you don’t know someone until you live with them, shouldn’t the same principles apply to the healthcare system.

Should those involved with health care policy be forced to use the system they promote? Nigeria would not be the only country to ask this question. Though, in some cases, it is considered normal for people to leave their country of residence seeking medical services that are not provided in their Country of origin.

Rehabilitation of the system has been a slow process.

This is a common practice internationally, but why do some Nigerians cringe when they hear their leaders are departing to foreign countries for medical treatment? One reason is that it happens way to often, and not necessarily for treatment that can’t be provided in Nigeria. Another reason is it is only the wealthy that are doing it.

The Majority of Nigerians do not have this luxury, and they must use the systems already in place, and some don’t even get access, leaving some sick or injured to fend for themselves. The government has injected funding to improve health care, but rehabilitation of the system has been a slow process.

Improve the quality of healthcare to patients in Nigeria.

Buhari, once again is headed to London for treatment and people are reacting. On one hand, he is the leader of our Country, he is representing Nigeria’s interests, we want him to be healthy and strong. On the other hand we want the health care system fixed, once and for all and for everyone. Does officials consistently traveling abroad for medical treatment covey the shortcoming of the Healthcare System, the answer is yes.

Officials are aware of the problems that currently exist with the health care system, according to the World Health Organization, a doctor-patient ratio of 1/400 or 1/600 is the recommended minimum. However, as of 2020, Nigeria had a doctor-patient ratio of 1/2753. This disparity is concerning and should be addressed as a priority in order to improve the quality of healthcare available to patients in Nigeria.

But why are there not enough doctors in Nigeria?

If every citizen wanted to see a doctor in Nigeria, and they doctors made 16 appointments per day, 7 days a week, it would take 3.5 years for the doctors to see all the patients. But why are there not enough doctors in Nigeria? Better prospects, increased wage and cutting edge training in various fields are the reason Nigerian doctors leave the country and do not return.


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