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Flour Mill Empowers 10,000 Northern Women

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Cultivation will be enhanced by the hybrid seedlings, supporting food security.

In Northern Nigeria, Crown Flour Mill Limited, a subsidiary of OLAM AGRI International, has taken a tremendous step forward by empowering more than 10,000 women wheat farmers. With a vision to enhance cultivation and support the government’s food security agenda, the company provided these women with hybrid seedlings. This initiative aims not only to boost agricultural productivity but also to uplift the lives of these female farmers. During an event held in Abuja, a gala night dedicated to honouring exceptional customers from the Northern region, Dr. Bolaji Anifowose, the company’s vice president, made this announcement.

Also, to fulfil its duties towards social responsibility, OLAM AGRI International has taken a step further in delivering assistance through the establishment of infrastructural amenities, as stated by Anifowose. Additionally, she reassured that the company will persistently invest a significant amount of resources towards empowering women and safeguarding the welfare of flour industry participants. This backing plays a crucial role in propelling the nation’s economic progress, considering its involvement in vast volumes of financial undertakings.

Commendations were given to the company’s commitment.

Dr. Vitus Kasa, who is the general manager of National Logistics and Supply Chain, is deeply grateful for the valuable feedback received from the customers. He acknowledges the indispensable contribution made by their input in driving the remarkable growth of the company. Dr. Kasa remains unwavering in his belief in the company’s continuous commitment to honouring and consistently integrating customer suggestions. This resolute dedication has resulted in improved effectiveness and has nurtured the continuous evolution of outstanding products.

Alhaji Hamisu Rabiu, who is from Kano State, stands out as one of the exemplary customers who commendably appreciate the company’s ability to uphold an amiable interaction with customers across 64 nations amidst the prevailing global economic predicament. This symbiotic bond nurtured by the company has effectively shielded numerous retailers from financial ruin, having proved itself to be a lifesaver. The recognition and appreciation bestowed upon more than 300 customers in both 2021 and 2022 serve as a testament to their exemplary achievements.

World Bank also aims to scale up women’s contributions.

A similar report revealed that the World Bank granted the Nigeria for Women Program Scale Up (NFWP-SU) a substantial sum of $500 million. This financial boost will greatly aid the Nigerian government in its efforts to enhance the quality of life for women throughout the country. The involvement of NFWP-SU aims to enhance women’s economic prospects, a crucial factor in combating gender disparities, while also ensuring improved family outcomes in terms of education, health, and nutrition. Furthermore, it strives to bolster women’s and communities’ ability to withstand the adverse effects of climate change.

Amidst climate-related calamities and the economic impact of COVID-19, Nigeria is grappling with the urgent task of revitalising its economy. To achieve inclusive, low-carbon, and resilient growth, it is crucial for the government to confront the barriers that impede women’s economic empowerment. Women are significantly underrepresented in sectors with low productivity within critical agricultural value chains. They face numerous obstacles, such as restricted access to essential resources like land and finance, as well as a lack of knowledge concerning enhanced inputs and effective practices.

Underprivileged women will also get education and training support.

Lastly, the Women Inspirational Development Center also intends to offer a source-oriented empowerment program to 250 young Nigerian women. These women, who have been forced to take up street work after finishing secondary school due to limited job opportunities or lack of access to further education, will be the recipients of this initiative. By offering either academic support for university enrolment or training in profitable skills for entrepreneurship, this initiative works towards mitigating the dangers confronted by these young women on the streets and unlocking their untapped potential to start fresh.

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2 months ago

Flour Mill Empowers 10,000 Northern Women. – Cultivation will be enhanced by the hybrid seedlings, supporting food security. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The Flour Mill’s mission to empower ten thousand women in the North is incredibly admirable. These women may improve their standard of living and make a positive impact on their neighborhoods if given the right opportunity and resources.

2 months ago

A Flour Mill Gives 10,000 Northern Women Power. Because the hybrid seedlings will improve cultivation, food security will be supported. Flour Mill empowered these women in the North, and for that I’m proud. They’ll have the independence they need to survive.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

I think it’s absolutely fantastic that the Flour Mill is empowering 10,000 women in the Northern region. Women play a vital role in agriculture and food production, so empowering them not only benefits their livelihoods but also contributes to overall food security. The use of hybrid seedlings is a smart move as it can enhance cultivation and improve crop yields, ultimately supporting food security efforts in the region.
When women are empowered, they have the opportunity to contribute their skills and knowledge to the agricultural sector, which can lead to increased productivity and economic growth. This initiative not only provides women with the means to support themselves and their families but also helps to address food security challenges in the region.
By providing access to hybrid seedlings, the Flour Mill is equipping these women with the tools they need to enhance cultivation practices. Hybrid seedlings are known for their improved traits such as disease resistance, higher yields, and better adaptability to local conditions. This can lead to increased agricultural productivity and ultimately contribute to food security in the region.
Food security is a critical issue, especially in regions where agricultural production faces challenges such as climate change, limited resources, and population growth. By empowering women and supporting them with hybrid seedlings, the Flour Mill is taking a proactive approach to address these challenges and ensure a more sustainable and secure food future.
Overall, I believe initiatives like this are essential for creating positive change. Empowering women, enhancing cultivation practices, and supporting food security are all interconnected and crucial for the sustainable development of the Northern region. It’s inspiring to see organizations taking such proactive steps to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to a better future.