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First Lady upholds education against terror

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By Abraham Adekunle

Madam Tinubu says it is a veritable weapon against terrorism in Nigeria.

In a resolute stance against terrorism and criminality, Nigerian First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, emphasized the pivotal role of learning and education during a meeting at the State House in Abuja. The occasion centered on the reception of four out of five students recently rescued from the Federal University Dutsin-Ma after a harrowing period of captivity. Mrs. Tinubu, acknowledging the challenging experiences of the kidnapped individuals and others across the nation, underscored the significance of education as a formidable tool in the ongoing fight against security threats. Addressing the gathered audience, Mrs. Tinubu expressed empathy for the rescued students, assuring them that their ordeal would pass with the unwavering determination of security and intelligence forces, coupled with the support of the entire Nigerian populace.

As highlighted in a statement by her media assistant, Busola Kukoyi, the First Lady commended the Office of the National Security Adviser and the effective coordination of law enforcement agencies for their exemplary leadership in ensuring the safe return of the abducted students. “I join a cheerful nation to welcome our beloved daughters home as you reunite with your families. We grieved over the sad fate that had befallen you and we join your family to celebrate your safe return,” Mrs. Tinubu stated, reflecting the collective relief felt nationwide. Since the students’ abduction on October 5, 2023, the intervening period had been one of pain not only for the victims and their families but also for the broader Nigerian community.

Rescued girls assured of government support along with the RHI.

Mrs. Tinubu acknowledged the faith and trust placed in God and law enforcement agencies during the challenging period, expressing gratitude that the concerted efforts of various agencies had resulted in the safe return of the students. She highlighted the tireless work of law enforcement officers and thanked Almighty God for protecting the students and reuniting them with their loved ones. In her commitment to the well-being and future of the rescued girls, the First Lady assured them of the Federal Government’s support, along with the Renewed Hope Initiative (RHI), which she spearheads. Acknowledging the psychological toll of their ordeal, Mrs. Tinubu emphasized the imperative of ensuring that their experience does not hinder their educational pursuits and career aspirations.

“Beyond your safe return, we would follow up on your journey not only to recover from this sad episode in your lives but to see that you accomplish your mission in your educational pursuit and career interests,” she affirmed. Mrs. Tinubu recognized the courage displayed by the students and encouraged them to turn their challenging episode into a story of triumph. As part of this commitment, each rescued girl was presented with a Scholarship Grant of One Million Naira and a brand-new laptop from the Renewed Hope Initiative.

Funds provided as support to the families of rescued students.

Again, in a move aimed at alleviating the financial burden on the families of the rescued students, Mrs. Tinubu announced that the Federal Government would provide Two Million Naira to each set of parents and an additional One Million Naira to the Vice Chancellor of the University. This financial support, coupled with the educational assistance, exemplifies a holistic approach to aiding the victims in their recovery and future pursuits. The Representative of the National Security Adviser, Brigadier-General Olutayo Adesuyi, played a crucial role in facilitating the handover of the rescued girls. In his remarks, he highlighted the significance of the First Lady’s meeting with the students, emphasizing that it symbolized the solidarity of the Federal Government’s support.

This gesture serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to not only securing the nation but also ensuring the welfare and empowerment of its citizens. As Nigeria grapples with the persistent threat of terrorism and criminal activities, Mrs. Tinubu’s advocacy for education as a countermeasure demonstrates a strategic and long-term approach to addressing the root causes of insecurity. The recognition of the rescued students’ courage and the provision of tangible support not only signifies a commitment to their immediate well-being but also signals a broader dedication to nurturing the potential of every Nigerian citizen.

Her involvement in the initiative is empowering to all.

Summarily, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu’s proactive involvement in championing education as a tool against terrorism marks a significant step towards building resilience and empowering individuals and communities to overcome the challenges posed by insecurity. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, exemplified by the National Security Adviser’s representative, further underscore the unified approach required to tackle the complex issue of security in Nigeria. As the nation celebrates the safe return of these students, it also sets a precedent for continued commitment to education and empowerment as key elements in the fight against terrorism.

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2 months ago

First Lady upholds education against terror. – Madam Tinubu says it is a veritable weapon against terrorism in Nigeria. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

Absolutely! Education plays a crucial role in combating terrorism and promoting peace in Nigeria. I completely agree with Madam Tinubu’s perspective that education is a veritable weapon against terrorism.
By investing in education, we empower individuals with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Education equips people with the tools to challenge extremist ideologies, understand different perspectives, and promote tolerance and understanding among diverse communities.
Furthermore, education provides avenues for economic development and social progress, which can help address the root causes of terrorism. When individuals have access to quality education, they are more likely to have better employment prospects, improved livelihoods, and a sense of hope for the future. This can create an environment that is less susceptible to radicalization and violence.
It’s inspiring to see the First Lady upholding the importance of education in the fight against terror. By prioritizing education and ensuring access to quality education for all Nigerians, we can build a stronger, more resilient society that is united against terrorism and committed to peace and progress.
Education truly is a powerful tool that can transform lives, shape communities, and contribute to a safer and brighter future for Nigeria. Let’s continue to support initiatives that promote education and work towards a more peaceful and prosperous nation. 📚💪🇳🇬

2 months ago

The First Lady expressed her appreciation for the outstanding leadership in guaranteeing the safe return of the kidnapped students, which included the Office of the National Security Advisor and the efficient cooperation of law enforcement agencies. Our organizations are performing admirably. Education is an incredibly potent instrument that has the capacity to change people’s lives, mold communities, and help Nigeria have a safer and more promising future. Let’s keep assisting with projects.

2 months ago

Madam Tinubu’s focus on education in countering terrorism is a positive and strategic move. It’s reassuring to see the government’s commitment to supporting the well-being and future of the rescued students. This holistic approach is crucial for addressing the root causes of insecurity. As a Nigerian, it instills a sense of hope and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges.

2 months ago

First Lady defends education in the face of danger. According to Madam Tinubu, it is an actual weapon against terrorism in Nigeria. First lady dedication to making education a key weapon in the fight against terrorism. Her commitment to the immediate well-being as well as the long-term empowerment of the rescued pupils and their families is evident in her support of them. Such proactive approaches to resolving security issues in our country are encouraging.