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FG warns Lagos-Ibadan road users on speeding

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Removal of the highway roadblocks will facilitate traffic-free movement.

In order to facilitate the free movement of vehicles in the Ibadan communities of Soka and Sanyo, the Federal Government has eliminated all highway roadblocks and obstructions. Mrs. Forosola Oloyede, the Ogun Controller of Works for the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, who oversaw the removal on Saturday in Ibadan, gave a warning to motorists as well as other road users passing the Expressway of Lagos-Ibadan to keep driving carefully and desist from speeding, particularly during the festive season.

According to Oloyede, who is also the Engineer in Control of Section II of the highway, the barriers were taken down per an instruction from Mr Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing. She states that Fashola has authorized the removal of traffic barriers from all Federal Highways where construction is now taking place in preparation for the Christmas season. She said that eliminating the roadblocks in Section II of the route would improve traffic flow along the roadway.

The expressway project will be completed by March 2023 – RCC.

Mr. Naor Narkis, the Project Manager for Reynolds Construction Company (RCC), which is in charge of the project, stated during his comments that the work had reached the 85 percent execution stage. Narkis promised Nigerians, particularly drivers, that by March 2023, his firm would complete the project. In order to give their employees time off for the coming Christmas and New Year festivities, he stated RCC would shortly take a break, but by January 2023, they will start work to finish the project.

Moreover, On behalf of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Mr. Adelaja Ogungbemi urged drivers to follow the law on the road during the holiday season. Drivers and passengers in other vehicles should be aware of their surroundings at all times for the sake of everyone’s safety on the road. Ogungbemi said drivers should take the road seriously and not take the festive period off as a time to relax. He encouraged motorists to use quality tires, refrain from overloading, and be calm at all times while driving.

Road users commend the government for the initiative.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), some motorists affirmed that the Federal Government and the construction firm had removed the blockage from the highway. They also thanked the government for responding to road users’ concerns regarding bottlenecks on the Ibadan Toll Gate–Sawmill–Onipepeye Bridge highway axis. Mr. Rotimi Adeniyi, a cab driver on the Tollgate–Iwo Road route, said that removing the roadblocks will help him increase his earnings by allowing him to travel on a straight road without congestion. John Olayemi, a Lagos-Ibadan commercial driver, indicated that removing barriers on Sections I and II of the highway will reduce his and other motorists’ driving time. He also urged the contractor to do a good job so that the road endure longer.

Mrs. Eunice Ogunsola, an employee of the government who lives in the Soka neighborhood of Ibadan, stated that the recent development would prompt her to report to the State Secretariat early. For the past two months, she complained that the journey from her house to her workplace has been quite difficult. She expressed gratitude to the government and RCC for eliminating the obstructions, saying that this will make driving safer for everyone. Ogunsola told NAN that she had previously wasted hours stuck in traffic due to the barrier but that things would soon change.

Drivers should be cautious not to misuse the road.

However, The road may be smooth, but Oloyede warns drivers not to be lured to exceed the speed limit. The supervisor has announced that 5 pedestrian bridges will be built on Section II of the road, with construction set to begin anytime. She explained that the original date of completion for the project was December 2022, but that was pushed back due to some difficulties beyond their control. However, she guarantees that everything will be finished by March 31, 2023.

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