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FG to provide cooking stoves to rural dwellers

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By Mercy Kelani

New innovation will reduce family health hazards and deforestation.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has partnered with a German company, Atmosphere clean energy initiative, to enhance production and distribution of a million cost effective cooking stoves to Nigerian households. This move was birthed for the sole purpose of helping rural residents in rural Nigerian communities transit from the traditional and harmful methods of cooking to a safer one, ensuring conservation of forests and reduction of health disasters caused by harmful Emissions to residents of these households.

Director General of the National Climate Change Council (NCCC), Dr. Salisu Dahiri, at the launch of a recent Innovation created to ensure elimination of health hazards challenging residents of Kebbi and Nasarawa states, stated that reduction of family health hazards, promotion of an environmental friendly atmosphere and preservation of forests are the main reasons for the partnership with Atmosphere initiative and yearly distribution of cooking stoves. Achievement of this objective would drastically reduce family health hazards.

Invention will save costs and promote sustainable living.

Dr. Dahiri affirmed that the collaboration fostered by the federal ministry of environment would reduce Pollution and consumption of fuel by 80 percent. According to him, the stainless cooking stoves that would be distributed to rural residents have a 10-year guarantee with efficient cooking methods that contribute to preservation and protection of the national Forest through massive reduction in the use of firewood for cooking. Likewise, families would be able to save money through the stove.

According to the NCCC Director General, through the stoves, families would be able to reduce environmental hazards, thereby contributing their significant quota to achievement of the country’s environmental goals while promoting sustainable living and saving on costs. The Atmosphere clean energy initiative came to Nigeria to showcase and create awareness for Nigerian families, particularly rural residents, on the significance of the recent Innovation and invention in the country which is set to combat climate change and Deforestation.

The newly launched product is proven to be efficient and cost effective.

A major cause of Deforestation in Nigeria is the massive use of firewood which causes loss of trees and forests. To ameliorate the situation, the federal ministry of environment would commence mass production of the new stoves for 100,000 households in the North Central region and as they assemble more plants in Kebbi and Nasarawa states, there would be an increment in production. Currently, there are on plans going to establish a new assembly plant in Kebbi State to meet the increasing demand.

Founder and CEO of clean Energy initiative Company, Dr. Dietrich Brockhogen, during his presentation, asserted that the project would help women save money and preserve the environment. The clean cooking stove has been proven to be efficient and cost effective, with ten years guarantee that assures Peace of mind and encourages Investment. The launch of the product reveals the benefits attached to usage of clean energy sources. Atmosphere therefore assured the country of its support towards preservation of its forests and elimination of environmental hazards.

Gov’t monitors the efficacy of the technology through climate change.

Additionally, Amb. Farouq Malami Yabo, Chairman, Advisory board of Atmosphere, speaking at the launch, said the initiative is an International Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, with approval of the Federal Ministry of Environment and the National Council for Climate Change (NCCC) to ensure development of innovative solutions. The newly launched Technology is capable of accommodating a biomass breakage while providing feasible solutions to the consequences of deforestation in Nigeria. Also, the efficiency of the technology in rural areas is being monitored through climate change.


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