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FG to examine outdated laws in agric sector

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigerian Institute of Animal Science will incorporate all relevant regulations.

Plans have been revealed by the Federal Government to examine outdated laws within the agricultural industry, with the aim of increasing food output and drawing in international investments. Aliyu Abdullahi Sabi, the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, made this announcement during the ceremony marking the start of the 6th term of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) Council, held in Abuja recently. Sabi presented a challenge to the 29 NIAS members, urging them to prioritize patriotism and develop innovative policies to be put into action by 2025.

There is no more opportune moment than the present to reassess all regulations within the agricultural industry. This is one of the key reasons why the ministry has highlighted its main areas of focus. The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) will be incorporating all relevant regulations, even those that they believe should be in place but currently are not, into the agency to ensure that it is able to take appropriate actions as needed.

Focus should not be on conforming to existing laws, but on making laws.

With the divine grace of God, there is faith that the agency can attain its goal by carefully examining and revising the existing laws. The agency is free to explore different aspects that may need revision. He advised that they do not complicate things unnecessarily. There is no such thing as a flawless law. Having spent 8 years in the Senate, Sabi said he can attest to the fact that perfection in law does not exist.

He urged them to create new legislation that benefits them as individuals. The focus should not be on conforming to existing laws, but on making laws that work in their favour. They should Identify and prioritize the key elements that require examination and revision. He advised them to just do their best in this process. He told them to avoid placing themselves above the law. Instead, prioritize the well-being of Nigeria and its people within the legal system.

They have plans to enact legislation that will empower Nigerians.

Lack of focus on laws often occurs when individuals prioritize their own interests over those of the country and its citizens. They have plans to enact legislation that will empower Nigerians and aspiring entrepreneurs to contribute to the progress. He expressed confidence that they can achieve this goal by the end of next year. It is crucial that they do not let this initiative extend past 2025, he emphasized. Professor Baba Yusuf Abubakar, the President of NIAS, pledged to the Minister that they would diligently work on abolishing the laws. He also revealed plans to create innovation and training centres focused on commodities in all the geopolitical zones.

The training centres will have all the necessary facilities and infrastructure for agricultural activities. The initial stage of the plan will focus on the areas of Kano, Bauchi, and Oyo with the expectation of the Kano centre in Kabo being officially opened in the near future. The building was gifted to NIAS by the Deputy Senate President. In October 2023, Abubakar reiterated the importance of the four Ministerial Action Points (MAP) given to the Institute for immediate action.

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One of the main points is to consider different possibilities for dealing with the increasing expenses of livestock feeds. Enhance cooperation with the appropriate departments within FMAFS to tackle important issues and difficult tasks within the industry. By effectively utilizing the regulatory function of the Institute, a strong groundwork can be established in the livestock subsector to contribute to the attainment of National Food Security. Sending in a detailed report summarizing all the important tasks of the Institute and emphasizing the pressing issues that need immediate intervention from the Honourable Ministers.

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