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FG to develop NSCDC as a world-class org

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By Usman Oladimeji

The NSCDC has designed controls to prepare and execute emergency plans.

Following the unveiling of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) Anthem at the Corps headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday, the corps Commandant General, Ahmed Abubakar Audi, disclosed that the federal government is dedicated to developing the NSCDC into an exceptional and world-class organization. This is apparently done to commemorate World Civil Defense (WCD) Day. Audi claimed his administration has improved the NSCDC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centre to tackle current criminal issues.

He acknowledged substantial progress in critical areas such as disaster management, risk assessment, criminal detection and prevention, and safeguarding Critical National Assets and Infrastructure (CNAI) such as petroleum pipelines, electrical facilities, communication equipment, highways, and trains. To supplement its efforts, the NSCDC has designated the processes and controls required to limit risks and prepare and execute emergency plans. In fact, proper procedures are in place to monitor possible dangers that might lead to catastrophe, with a high priority placed on safeguarding lives and assets.

NSCDC deployed i-Ears to facilitate secure information transmission.

Utilizing advanced technology, the corps has consistently countered vandalism, economic sabotage, and oil theft. In consequence, approximately 546 people have been apprehended since January 2022. 429 suspects are being investigated by law enforcement; 51 have been arrested and charged; 71 illicit refineries have been demolished; 22 oil bunkering sites have been destroyed; 134 vehicles have been detained; and 36 boats and other equipment used in oil bunkering have been seized. The NSCDC’s unrelenting efforts, according to the commandant general, demonstrate the organization’s will to become a premier civil defense force throughout the globe by drawing on the expertise of other International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) members.

Moreover, Audi said that the NSCDC has created and deployed the Integrated Electronic Arrest and Reporting system (i-Ears) to facilitate the secure transmission of information and recording of reports from Divisional Commands to the Commandant General through State Commandants. The i-Ears were completely deployed to broadcast live and monitor security during the first round of the 2023 general elections, and they will also be used to guarantee confidential inter-agency data sharing and emergency threat reporting in real-time.

Broad technology support is a boon to NSCDC’s infrastructure efforts.

Audi further claims that within two years of steering the corps, the IT and cyber professionals devised, developed, and implemented the Electronic Disaster Alert Monitoring Application. The purpose of the Monitoring Application is to notify NSCDC of potential disasters such as fires, floods, and other catastrophes so that they may take appropriate action. As a result, the corps will be better able to maintain order in the aftermath of disasters and prevent further criminal activity while also shielding first responders and their gear from harm. As part of its disaster management responsibilities, the Crisis Management Directorate has been given a new prerogative to eliminate the root causes of crises systematically.

The broad acceptance and support for technology in the nation is a boon to the NSCDC’s efforts to design and deploy ICT infrastructure. Also, NSCDC is prepared to roll out the Address Verification System (AVS) in collaboration with NIPOST. The purpose of this is to stop people from using fake addresses to get official documents that prove their citizenship, including driver’s licenses. Private security officers and tourists are likewise shielded from any unjust detention under this provision.

C-STAB has been established as an early warning system.

According to the corps Commandant General, the Community and School Threat Alert and Broadcast System (C-STAB) has been established as an early warning system to notify the public of developing dangers and send alarm signals to law enforcement. He reaffirmed his dedication to the well-being of employees and to provide them with the appropriate training and ongoing retraining to increase the corps efficiency. Audi confirms the corps’ commitment to modernizing facilities in all Civil Defense Training Colleges to improve career advancement and boost Corps staff morale in order to perform on the core mandate more effectively.

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