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FG to build national theatre, museum in Abuja

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By Abiodun Okunloye

More opportunities will be generated for the people while promoting culture.

Hannatu Musawa, the Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy announced plans to build a national museum and Theatre within an innovative urban hub called the Creative City. This groundbreaking initiative is destined for Abuja, capitalising on its potential as a thriving cultural epicentre. In a statement issued by Nneka Ikem, the Special Assistant on Media to Musawa, it was revealed that Musawa defended her ministry’s budget before the Senate Committee on Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy at the National Assembly. This information was made known on Thursday.

According to Musawa, the ministry has identified two prominent projects on its project roster that hold the highest priority. The primary objective of these projects is to generate employment opportunities for the people of Nigeria. However, Musawa emphasised that this goal can only be accomplished if the budget is passed by the Senate prior to its implementation. She also expressed deep regret regarding the inadequate funding that the ministry has been facing and sought the intervention of the Senate Committee to increase its allocation for the upcoming 2024 budget.

Inadequate funding has deprived the ministry of meaningful progress.

She explained that the lack of adequate funding has left the ministry severely deprived, rendering them incapable of achieving any meaningful progress without the necessary financial support. If this ministry is able to utilise its potential to the fullest, the possibilities are limitless. Therefore, they are eager to explore legislative avenues to ensure the ministry receives the necessary funding and support. This is crucial for the ministry to successfully accomplish its goals within the roadmap and contribute towards achieving Mr. President’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

The ministry has enthusiastically pledged its support to President Bola Tinubu’s visionary Renewed Hope Agenda by setting an ambitious goal of contributing N100bn to the nation’s GDP by 2030. Furthermore, they are dedicated to spearheading significant initiatives, such as the Construction of a grand National Theatre and a prestigious National Museum in Abuja, along with various other notable projects. Musawa, in an earlier statement, highlighted the ministry’s unwavering determination to revitalise Nigeria by means of their plentiful proposed undertakings.

Foreign investments and cultural promotion will be achieved.

In her detailed explanation, she shed light on the crucial significance and immense possibilities that lie within the creative economy. Additionally, she highlighted the essential tasks undertaken by the ministry, such as the facilitation of foreign investments and fostering the promotion and preservation of culture, all in accordance with the provisions stated in Section 21 of the 1999 Constitution. Moreover, the ministry has established ambitious performance benchmarks, demonstrating their full preparedness to attain the ambitious goals they have set for themselves.

Explaining further, she said that the newly formed ministry has two primary goals: fostering job creation and developing an intellectual property framework to nurture Nigerian Culture and creativity. Achieving these objectives necessitates sufficient financial allocation. Also, Senator Mohammed Onawo, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy expressed his appreciation to the minister for her endeavours in establishing a national museum and theatre in Abuja. He further emphasised that the purpose of the budget review was to enhance her effectiveness in fulfilling her responsibilities effectively and achieving her aspirations for the ministry.

Regular engagements foster greater synergy and collaboration.

Lastly, according to the senator, regular engagements between the committee and the Senate are highly encouraged over the course of the year; doing this will foster greater synergy and promote a heightened sense of collaboration. Similarly, Senator Ede Dafinone, hailing from Delta Central and serving as a committee member, addressed the issue of inadequate budget allocation during the meeting. The senator questioned the ministry’s ability to carry out significant projects effectively, given the limited funds provided.


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