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FG to alleviate 50M Nigerians out of poverty

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By Mercy Kelani

This is to be achieved by the federal governments and its ministries.

Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, stated that there would be a partnership between the ministry, private sector players and other ministries to alleviate 50 million citizens of Nigeria from the unpleasant state of poverty, according to the mandate of the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration. She assured Nigerian citizens that the collaboration between her ministry and Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health, Finance and others is to lift Nigerians from poverty.

President Tinubu declared that there would be a signed performance bond between him and the ministers at the end of the exercise for top government functionaries, presidential aides and ministers. Edu said that there are people that the ministry want to reach and assist as directed by the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the estimate of these people are more than 50 million. She stated this at the State House Conference Center, Abuja, during the retreat with State House Correspondents.

N25,000 payment to poor homes in the country.

According to her, part of the holistic framework is the ongoing payment of N25,000 to 15 million poor homes in the country through the conditional cash transfer programme for the next three months. The minister explained that the programme will promote the alleviation of 61 million people out of poverty, although the major aim is to curb the post-subsidy economic realities. Nevertheless, these steps are initiated to ensure that the right people get the funds. Also, the programme is needed to combat against the economic shock that is experienced by households.

She restated that the ministry is taking all measures to examine the process. In addition, she explained that identifications, such as BVNs and NINs are used to identify the right people to get the fund. Thus, the ministry is taking all time to avoid paying people that do not exist, but to ensure that the needy gets it. Edu noted that measures have been enlisted to aid the payment: N25,000 payment to poor homes in the country and other specifics to guarantee that poverty is eradicated from the lives of 50 million people.

Poor farmers are included in the End Hunger Project.

Also, she announced that 15 million homes simply amounts to 61 million people to be assisted in the country. Besides this, there would be job creation for millions of people in the country by the President, through various mediums. She declared that there is provision of zero-interest loans for market women, petty traders, markets and many people. The minister stated that poor farmers are included in the End Hunger Project, which is a support net. The ministry is introducing the Good Nigeria Project and many more. Specifically, there are targeted people that would be reached for each project, through the social safety net projects.

Edu emphasized that addressing the issue of multi-dimensional poverty in Nigeria is the importance of the partnership between the other ministries and her ministry. Also, there would be a synergy between other ministries and her ministry to address quality education and health care to combat poverty in the country. She revealed that the ministries are running as a team as the situation is a multi dimensional poverty issue. She said that many people are poor because there is low access to modern healthcare services and job opportunities.

There will be collaborations between ministries on delivery of targets.

Additionally, she explained that in order to lift Nigerians from poverty, there is a collaboration between her ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Education, Health, Finance and others. Speaking on the significance of the retreat, she announced that the programmes have been informative in aspects of leadership, governance, and administration; and management of the affairs of government at the poverty alleviation level. The Nigerian President said that there will be agreement between the ministries to deliver the administration’s targets.

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