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FG to address economic and security challenge

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Peace across all communities will be achieved with economic stability.

Alhaji Mohammed Idris, the Minister Of Information And National Orientation, declared that the federal government is actively tackling the challenges pertaining to national security and the economy. In a statement released in Abuja on Sunday, Idris emphasised the administration’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling its obligations towards all Nigerians without any regard to differences. The government is fearlessly addressing every potential threat in the space of security. A successful initiative has been launched, as they actively invade the hideouts of criminals. Encouraging outcomes have recently emerged from this effort, as numerous offenders, including bandits, kidnappers, and militants, have been eliminated or apprehended.

The unfortunate resurgence of the crisis in Plateau is highly distressing, and it is firmly promised that all individuals responsible for the violence in Plateau and any other part of the nation will face appropriate consequences. The pursuit of justice remains unwavering, with the intention of reinstating peace in all communities that have been affected. They commend the bravery of security and intelligence agencies, unwavering in their efforts to guarantee the safety of people within their residences and while travelling, making certain that wrongdoers have no room to operate.

Gov’t aim to reduce inflation, stabilise exchange, and boost investments.

He emphasised that the Federal Government’s various ministries and agencies are harmoniously collaborating to tackle the economy. Their collective efforts aim to decrease inflation, stabilise foreign exchange rates, and establish a truly facilitating atmosphere for business and investment. The challenges are being addressed by the minister through non-kinetic methods like the student loan program, the CNG presidential initiative, and low-interest loan options for businesses. While tackling these challenges with utmost urgency and commitment, it is equally crucial to emphasise the importance of resisting misinformation and divisive narratives to all Nigerians.

For instance, the statement that the transfer of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Headquarters and specific divisions of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to Lagos are political tactics geared towards side lining a particular region is simply false. The accusations hold no basis, and rather, they signify rational measures taken to enhance effectiveness in operations and cut down costs. Furthermore, he advises all Nigerians to maintain awareness of individuals and organisations, both locally and internationally, that thrive on spreading fabricated and provocative information through radio, television, and social media platforms, alongside circulating manipulated videos and images for widespread dissemination.

Idris unveiled the Nigerian National Values Charter for unity and optimism.

Explaining further, he added that in order to revive a collective sense of optimism, confidence, and unity within the nation, they had developed the Nigerian National Values Charter (NVC). This document represents the agreement between the government and its people, establishing a social contract. Further in his address, the minister emphasised the government’s commitment to gaining the confidence of Nigerians. He stressed the ongoing dedication to combat corruption, underscoring Tinubu’s unwavering determination to hold everyone accountable without exceptions. The minister reiterated the importance of utilising public funds solely for the benefit of the public and confirmed that the president is actively backing the anti-corruption agencies to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Also, he urged the citizens to shift their attention from challenges and problems towards the abundant opportunities that lay before them. The minister commended the administration led by Tinubu for spurring genuine enthusiasm among both local and foreign investors, leading to a continuous influx of investment into the country. Since the G20 Summit in India in September 2023, where Indian businesses committed $14 billion in new investments in Nigeria, their stock market has gained worldwide recognition for its outstanding returns. As the opening weeks of 2024 unfold, these businesses have begun fulfilling their promises and successfully implementing their pledged investments.

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In various industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, consumer goods, renewable energy, healthcare, ICT, and numerous other sectors, businesses, both international and domestic, are showcasing unwavering confidence in the boundless potential of Nigeria. The ongoing African Cup of Nations in Cote d’Ivoire has provided yet another example of the heart warming achievements of their cherished Super Eagles. It serves as a timely reminder that their unity surpasses any differences that may try to fragment and separate them. In addition, he emphasised the importance of retaining their belief in the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Rather than succumbing to division and animosity, they have the capacity to flourish in harmony and optimism. They should remain confident that, despite occasional obstacles and setbacks, success is imminent.

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1 month ago

FG to address economic and security challenge.Peace across all communities will be achieved with economic stability.Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I couldn’t agree more with the statement that peace across all communities can be achieved through economic stability. Economic stability is like a solid foundation upon which peace can flourish and thrive. When people have access to stable jobs, fair opportunities, and a thriving economy, it creates a sense of security and reduces the likelihood of conflicts.
Think about it, when individuals have the means to support themselves and their families, when they have access to basic necessities, education, and healthcare, they are less likely to resort to desperate measures or engage in activities that could disrupt peace within their communities. Economic stability empowers individuals and provides them with a sense of hope for the future, which in turn fosters a peaceful and harmonious society.
Moreover, economic stability also plays a crucial role in addressing security challenges. It allows governments to invest in infrastructure, law enforcement, and social programs that contribute to the safety and well-being of their citizens. By addressing economic and security challenges hand in hand, the government can create an environment that promotes peace, prosperity, and overall well-being for all.
It’s important for the government to prioritize comprehensive policies that address both economic and security concerns. This can include initiatives such as job creation, investment in education and skills development, support for small businesses, and the promotion of a fair and transparent legal system. By doing so, the government can create an enabling environment that encourages economic growth, attracts investments, and ultimately leads to a more peaceful society.

1 month ago

FG must tackle challenges in economic and security. Stability in the economy will bring about peace in every community. It appears that we are at a crossroads because of the formidable challenges we face in the areas of security and economy. My only hope is that this mess can be resolved by the administration.

1 month ago

In order to bring about peace amongst communities, economic stability is vital. The government can strive to create a successful and peaceful society for everybody by tackling issues related to both the economy and security.Through collaboratively tackling economic and security issues, the government may establish a climate that fosters harmony, prosperity, and the general welfare of all citizens.

1 month ago

The government is addressing security and economic challenges, taking action against criminals. The Nigerian National Values Charter promotes unity. Despite setbacks, there’s optimism with increased investments and opportunities.