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FG should empower youths — Bauchi residents

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By Mercy Kelani

This move will effectively tackle these societal challenges head-on.

Bauchi locals, recognizing the urgent need to address youth restiveness and overall insecurity in Nigeria, have fervently urged for an expansion of the federal government’s youth empowerment initiative. This move aims to effectively tackle these societal challenges head-on during the course of this year. On Wednesday, January 3, 2024, in Bauchi, individuals were engaged in individual interviews, each weighing in on their perspectives over the issue. Concerns were voiced regarding the escalating frequency of criminal activities, growing restlessness among the youth, and the prevailing sense of insecurity witnessed in various regions across the nation.

Empowering the young generation is believed to hold the potential of curbing the overwhelming number of jobless youths, as per their perspective. Their contention was that by providing the younger generation with opportunities to enhance their potential, it would lead them towards participating in reputable and ethical enterprises, thus resulting in a decline in poverty levels. Dinatu Daniel, hailing from Bauchi and associated with a civil society group, expressed deep concern over the distressing existence of considerable numbers of unemployed young individuals within the nation.

Unlocking the boundless potential of Nigerian youth.

Ms. Daniel emphasized the importance of diverting the attention of these young individuals towards a productive endeavour that not only ensures a respectable income but also prevents them from resorting to criminal activities. To address this issue, she proposed that the federal government take the initiative to develop extensive empowerment initiatives specifically designed for the youth. These programs should encompass a wide range of activities, providing the necessary training and education required for their personal and professional growth, ultimately enabling them to thrive and excel in life. Sani Mohammed, another individual residing in the state, expressed his perspective on the nation, highlighting myriad obstacles encompassing inadequate leadership, environmental shifts, lack of safety, and the concerning trend of youth migration, to mention a few.

Mr. Mohammed, a former government employee and entrepreneur, expressed his belief that amidst the myriad challenges, a glimmer of hope remains. This hope lies in the presence of determined and dedicated young individuals who aspire to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, they are hindered by the absence of adequate backing and avenues for growth. In order to unlock the boundless potential of Nigerian youth, it is imperative for governments at every level to actively adopt strategies and initiatives that foster their empowerment. These future leaders are reliant upon the collective commitment of the authorities to implement policies and programs that enable them to thrive.

Many Nigerian young individuals possess exceptional talents.

Furthermore, Dalhatu Abdullahi emphasized that there is a prevailing sense of optimism among individuals, with optimistic projections for improvement by the year 2024. However, he strongly urged the Federal Government to alter the prevailing discourse and bring about actual change. Fostering a renewed focus on providing excellent education throughout primary and secondary schools can serve as a catalyst in empowering young individuals. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, they will be better prepared for future employment opportunities and capable of thriving in prestigious roles. Conversely, if the foundations laid during primary and secondary education are weak, it can inadvertently contribute to the creation of a subpar workforce.

Also, Mr. Abdullahi emphasized the critical need to incorporate information communication technology at its foundation, as it plays a decisive role in cultivating a skilled and proficient labour force for the upcoming years. He made a plea to the authorities, emphasizing the importance of actively involving young individuals in programs designed to nurture their talents and provide them with essential skills training. According to him, a vast number of Nigerian young individuals possess exceptional talents, but unfortunately they still lack the necessary assistance to nurture and unlock their remarkable potential leading towards extraordinary achievements.

Their responsibility lies in offering job facilitation services.

Over time, these individuals often neglect their natural abilities. Talent cultivation is a methodology aimed at assisting young individuals in uncovering and honing their innate skills in fields where they already demonstrate exceptional aptitude. He stated that employers, with assistance from the government, have a vital part to play in enhancing employment prospects for young individuals. Their responsibility lies in offering job facilitation services to connect young job seekers with suitable job opportunities. Henceforth, the individuals in question made a direct plea to the governing body, urging them to formulate effective tactics that will encourage the empowerment of young individuals and create ample prospects for their employment by the year 2024.

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1 month ago

FG should empower youths — Bauchi residents.This move will effectively tackle these societal challenges head-on. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Absolutely! Empowering the youth is crucial for tackling societal challenges head-on. By providing young people with opportunities, resources, and support, we can harness their potential and drive positive change in our communities. When the government invests in youth empowerment programs, it not only helps individuals thrive but also contributes to the overall development of the nation. Through education, skills training, mentorship, and access to employment opportunities, we can equip young people with the tools they need to succeed and make a meaningful impact. By empowering the youth, we are investing in the future and building a stronger, more prosperous society for everyone.

1 month ago

Residents of Bauchi should feel empowered by FG. With this action, these societal issues will be successfully addressed head-on. The development of a country greatly depends on empowerment. It is imperative that we make sure the young people are actively involved in enterprises or jobs that will keep them occupied.Provide the resources necessary for youth to thrive and have a significant influence

1 month ago

Addressing societal issues head-on requires empowering the youth. Youth may make significant contributions to their communities and effect lasting change when they are provided with the means, chances, and resources to flourish. Young people’s empowerment is an investment in the future.

1 month ago

The call for the government to empower our youth resonates deeply. The emphasis on education, skill development, and job facilitation is crucial for a brighter future. I share the hope for positive change by 2024 and urge the authorities to prioritize and implement effective strategies to empower our youth and create meaningful opportunities for them. Together, we can build a more prosperous and secure Nigeria.