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FG promissory offers for the NLC and TUC

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By Mercy Kelani

President approved a N35,000 provisional wage award for workers.

It has been stated that concerning the proposed strike action by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), things are now set for the federal government (FG) and the Labour leaders to organize a meeting. The team of the federal government of Nigeria led by the Chief of Staff (CoS) to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, awaited the arrival of the leaders, who had reportedly met with their respective bodies on September 25, 2023, to deliberate on the next step to take.

As a means of averting the proposed strike action, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu approved a N35,000 provisional wage award for six months for every treasury-paid worker of the federal government. The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, in a statement, asserted that the decision was backed by more consultations with the federal government’s delegation, that set up an earlier meeting with the labour leaders of both NLC and TUC on September 24, 2023.

There were promissory notes from the government.

Also, it was recalled that at the previous meeting, which was held between the labour organs and the government, the FG expressed its commitment towards speeding up the provision and availability of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to cushion the challenges of public transportation, which was worsened by the removal of fuel subsidy. The Nigerian government had also assured the provision of funds for micro and small-scale enterprises, including a waiver on VAT on diesel for six months.

However, commenting on the outcome of the meeting, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, stated that the team has no power to call off the strike. He added that there have been meetings and almost all the issues have been scrutinized. He likewise stated that there were promissory notes from the government, which will be looked into and be made practicable in reality. The promises, according to him, were to be reported to the FG.

Labour Congress ensures the protection of the interests of every worker.

Ajaero added that, according to the statement made by the Chief of Staff to the President, the labour leaders have hopes that the FG will look at the issue and would confer with the organs so as to go through the promises of the federal government and ensure cross-fertilization of ideas to know the next line of action. The fundamental aims and objectives of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is to ensure the protection, defence, and promotion of the rights, well-being, and interests of every worker.

The Congress is also keen on the promotion and defence of a Nigerian nation that would be democratic, just, prosperous, and transparent towards the attainment of specific objectives. One of such objectives is to ensure the promotion, advancement and defence of the economic, social, and political rights and well-being of all workers and pensioners in Nigeria. It is also concerned about the enhancement of the quality of life, and the improvement of the income and quality of life of workers.

NLC focuses on attaining gender equity & promoting work conditions.

Additionally, the NLC is focused on the promotion and sustainability of the unity of Trade Unions in Nigeria, regardless of political beliefs, gender, and state of origin. Another objective is to focus on the attainment of gender equity, while improving the conditions and status of women in the society and work-related fields. It is also responsible for the establishment of a good relationship and cooperation with Labour Movements around the world, most especially in the African region.

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1 month ago

FG promissory offers for the NLC and TUC. – President approved a N35,000 provisional wage award for workers. – Express your point of view.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kenny Adetunji
Adeoye Adegoke
Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I completely understand and share your enthusiasm about the promissory offers for the NLC and TUC, as well as the President’s approval of a N35,000 provisional wage award for workers. These developments hold immense significance for workers’ welfare and represent a positive step towards addressing their needs and concerns.
The promissory offers demonstrate the government’s commitment to engaging with labor unions and finding mutually beneficial solutions. By acknowledging the importance of fair compensation and improved working conditions, the government is recognizing the invaluable contributions of workers to the nation’s progress. This recognition is crucial for fostering a harmonious and productive relationship between employers and employees.
The approval of the N35,000 provisional wage award is particularly noteworthy as it directly impacts workers’ livelihoods. Adequate wages are essential for workers to meet their basic needs, support their families, and contribute to the economy. This provision can help alleviate financial burdens and enhance the overall well-being of workers.
It is important to note that sustaining these positive developments requires ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the government, labor unions, and other stakeholders. Inclusive decision-making processes, where all voices are heard and considered, can lead to more effective policies and outcomes. Transparency and accountability are vital to ensure that the promised offers and wage awards are implemented in a timely and fair manner.
Overall, these recent developments signify progress in the realm of workers’ rights and welfare. They provide a foundation for further improvements and discussions on issues such as job security, workplace safety, and career advancement opportunities. By continuing to prioritize workers’ interests, we can foster a more prosperous and equitable society for all. 👷‍♀️💼👏

1 month ago

A step in the right direction for workers is the N35,000 temporary pay award that the President granted. It demonstrates that their expectations are taken into account and fulfilled. Making sure they receive adequate recompense for their labor this is a great way the government put in

1 month ago

FG promissory offers for the NLC and TUC. the N35,000 short-term salary award for staff has the support of the President. These modifications are crucial for the wellbeing of employees and a positive beginning in addressing their concerns and demands at a difficult time for the nation.