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FG moves to stop crisis spillover from Niger

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By Abraham Adekunle

President Tinubu holds meeting with border-state governors and trad. rulers.

In a bid to forestall the spillover of the crisis from Niger Republic into Nigeria, governors of the border states held a meeting with President Tinubu and traditional rulers with a view to ensuring that Nigerians are safe in their own country. While the outcome of the meeting is not clear, the dominant issue was how to protect the Nigerian citizens in case there’s a spillover. Katsina State Governor, Dikko Umar Raddo, disclosed this in Abuja when he visited the Minister of Housing, Ahmed Musa Dangiwa.

He urged the residents of Katsina State to go about their businesses as adequate security measures had been taken in the event of any security breach. He also said that he was in Abuja to seek collaboration with the Minister of Housing regarding the Katsina State Urban Renewal plan. In his words, he said that the government has been very proactive on the issue of security since the crisis started between Nigeria and Niger Republic.

Minister comments on efforts put into the housing industry.

Governors of the border states had a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and then held a meeting with stakeholders. “We were able to discuss issues with the stakeholders and traditional institutions so that we can mitigate against any crisis that would brew from the crisis that is going on and between ECOWAS and Niger Republic”. He said that the government has been able to be on top of the situation, and everywhere is calm. He said that the people were going about their normal businesses and nothing serious is going on between Katsina and Niger Republic.

More so, Dangiwa, in his remarks, regretted that despite the efforts made by previous governments in the last 60 years, housing has remained an intractable project. Thus, he promised to tackle housing issues within the space available to him. According to him, the housing sector remains far from where it should be in terms of meeting the needs of millions of Nigerians for decent shelter, as well as its expectations of contributing as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and poverty eradication.

Bazoum files lawsuit in the capital of Nigeria.

As part of the efforts to achieve this, the government has outlined a series of housing reform initiatives in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda for Housing and Urban Development of the Bola Tinubu administration. The government plans to embark on a Stakeholder Engagement Drive with state governors nationwide towards achieving it. “As my dear visionary, progressive, and reform-minded governor, I would like you to consider the rapid implementation of the initiatives,” the minister noted.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the deposed president of Niger Republic has announced that Bazoum has appealed to a court of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to free him. Mohamed Bazoum, who was overthrown by members of his presidential guard on July 26, 2023 and has since been detained at home with his wife and child, filed a lawsuit with the West African bloc’s court based in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, on September 18, 2023.

ECOWAS could intervene in Niger as a last resort.

Diagne said that the lawsuit invokes his “arbitrary arrest” and “violation of freedom of movement.” According to the lawyer, “We request in view of the violation of political rights, that the State of Niger be ordered to immediately restore constitutional order by handing over power to President Bazoum, who must continue to exercise it until the end of his mandate.” ECOWAS, which imposed sanctions against Niger, has warned that it could intervene militarily in Niger if diplomatic efforts to return Bazoum to power fail as a last resort.

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Ask Nigeria
Ask Nigeria
2 months ago

FG moves to stop crisis spillover from NigerPresident Tinubu holds meeting with border-state governors and trad. rulers. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

That’s a positive step by the government to prevent the spillover of the crisis from Niger. President Tinubu’s meeting with border-state governors and traditional rulers shows a proactive approach to addressing the situation. It’s important to have strong collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to ensure the safety and security of our borders.
By engaging with the border-state governors and traditional rulers, President Tinubu is recognizing the significance of local leadership in resolving the crisis. The involvement of these key stakeholders will help in developing effective strategies to prevent the spillover of violence and maintain peace within our borders.
This initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to proactive measures and preventive actions, rather than merely reacting to crises. By addressing the root causes of the conflict and engaging with relevant stakeholders, we can work towards sustainable solutions that promote peace and stability in our nation.
It is essential to recognize that the spillover of a crisis from a neighboring country can have severe implications for our own security and stability. By taking proactive measures, such as holding meetings and consultations with border-state governors and traditional rulers, the government is showing its dedication to protecting our borders and ensuring the safety of our citizens.
It is my hope that these efforts will lead to effective strategies and actions that can effectively prevent the spillover of the crisis from Niger. By working together with neighboring countries, local communities, and international partners, we can create a secure and peaceful environment for everyone.
Let’s remain optimistic and supportive of these initiatives, as they play a crucial role in maintaining peace and stability within our borders. 🤝🌍✨

2 months ago

Understanding that a crisis in a neighboring country could have serious repercussions on our own security and stability is crucial. The administration is demonstrating its commitment to guarding our borders and guaranteeing the safety of our residents by taking proactive actions, such as hosting meetings and consultations with border-state governors and traditional rulers.
I’m hoping that these efforts will result in sensible plans of action that may successfully stop the situation in Niger from spreading.

2 months ago

President Tinubu is recognizing the importance of local leadership in tackling the crisis by meeting with the governors and traditional leaders of the border states. The participation of these significant parties will contribute in the development of mechanisms for the effective dissemination of peace. FG attempts to stop crisis spillover from Niger