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FG Launches Enhanced Passport, CPPC in Canada

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Nigerians in Canada will have access to the 64-page 10-year validity passport.

To give Nigerians living in Canada access to the much sought-after 64-page passport with 10-year validity, the federal government launched a newly upgraded e-passport and established the Central Passport Production Center in Ottawa, Ontario. Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, was described in a statement released by his media adviser, Sola Fasure, as claiming that Nigeria is one of the first five countries in the world to have this upgraded passport and the first in Africa. The updated version they are presenting represents the latest Technology of identification documentation, according to Aregbsola, who was also cited. The 64-page 10-year validity Passport is a good option for regular travelers and one of several other types that offer greater Security.

The minister also said that there are 25 more security features on the new document compared to the old one. Water won’t harm it because it’s made of tough polycarbonate. In other words, counterfeiters, as well as identity thieves, have no way to fake it. He praised the Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada for his efforts to set up a passport production center in Canada and explained that, because of the new and improved passport, Nigerians could apply, make payments, and schedule appointments all online through the Nigeria Immigration Service Portal.

Applicants must follow the protocol laid down to obtain their passports.

All candidates must use the Nigeria Immigration Service portal, complete the necessary steps in the protocol laid down, pay the correct fee, and appear for biometric data capture on the appointed date. Six weeks are required after data collection for a new application, whereas three weeks are required for renewal. To ensure the validity of applications and the authenticity of granted passports, NIS needs this amount of time. By international requirements, this is a standard and reasonable provision for passport control.

An applicant’s NIN information must match what is entered on the application. Any inconsistency will delay their application until it is resolved. For many, the application process has gotten tripped up on the order in which their names appear on the form. They have implemented a tracking system in the application process to allow applicants to track the status of their applications. To further assist passport applicants in their pursuit of demonstrating citizenship, the minister has ordered that passport services continue to adopt all possible technological advances.

The passport is available in the UK and the United States of America.

Mr. Adeyinka Asekun, Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Canada, made his own words in which he praised the minister and the acting comptroller-general of Immigration, Isah Idris Jere, for their dedication to the implementation of the enhanced passport in Canada. He said that as a result of the hard work that Immigration is putting in, Nigerians living in Canada can now obtain a passport with a validity of 64 pages and 10 years. He said that this type of passport is only accessible outside of Nigeria in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

He expresses gratitude to the Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, and the Immigration team for agreeing to roll out the upgraded passport in Canada as the third country outside of Nigeria to benefit from it, and ahead of other nations, including those in Europe. The High Commissioner has advised that Nigerians currently residing in Canada are encouraged to submit an application for a new passport with a validity of 64 pages and 10 years. Applicants can do so at least one year prior to the expiration date of their present passport.

Old passports will be fully migrated to the enhanced e-Passport.

Idris Isah Jere, the acting comptroller-general of the Nigeria Immigration Service, who was also present at the event, emphasized that the Passport Issuing Center in Canada will continue to issue both documents simultaneously until all applications on the previous platforms are cleared. He mentions that the enhanced e-Passport and the Electronic Passports are both now in use until such time as all of their centers have been fully transitioned to the enhanced e-Passport. He stated that cases of passport processing delays would be addressed if applicants strictly followed the application guidelines by using the online application and payment platform, as well as synchronizing the data on their passport application to the information in their National Identity Number (NIN).


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