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FG is hindering state developmental effect

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By Abiodun Okunloye

State efforts to offer reliable electricity supply are being hindered - Shaibu.

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, at the annual breakfast meeting with journalists which was held in the state, made an accusation that the federal government was hindering the state’s efforts to develop and improve the lives of its citizens, specifically by making it more difficult to ensure a steady supply of electricity. Shaibu thereby urged the people to make sure that come 2023, they will only vote for people who are able to fix the country.

He alleged that the policies of the federal government were thwarting the progress of the Edo state government to deliver reliable power supply to the residents of the state. According to him, in order for the states to be functional, the federal government first needs to be operational, and if it is, then the states will follow suit. There are some states that are prepared to work, but they are being impeded from doing so by various factors.

Government policies are hindering state diversification.

Everyone is quite worried about the current scenario in the nation. He asserts that despite efforts on the part of state officials, they are hampered by policies that should not be in place. He said, for instance, that the Ossiomo power plant exists but sometimes fails to operate, and this is an issue shared with Abuja. The government didn’t want to fix the light, so they made their own. However, they have been having gas problems one after the other. Even though they have a lot of gas because Edo State is the home of gas, they can only get to it by going through Abuja.

They signed an MoU with the Ossiomo power plant, and the lights came on; however, they are now experiencing gas shortages; consequently, everyone in the country is praying for a functional federal government because then the states that are unable to function properly will be exposed, and the states that are capable of doing so will shine for the states that are willing to get to work but are being prevented from doing so by external forces. Therefore, he added, people should utilize their PVC to vote for candidates who would improve Nigeria.

The right candidate needs be voted to avoid problem recurrence.

Further discussing the general elections scheduled for next year, the Deputy Governor advised Nigerians to use their right to vote and elect candidates who can turn the nation around using their permanent voter’s cards (PVCs). At the same time, he urges people to pray for their PVC. He affirmed to be a dedicated follower of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and had his own altar in the home. That the candidate he casts his PVC vote for should win is the focus of his prayers and puts an end to Nigeria’s problems. He added that regardless of how one decides to vote this time, it’s good to pray for the victory of the candidate one supports to bring about positive change in the nation.

Shaibu explained that the nation could not afford another four years of the current happenings. Therefore, prayer is crucial. If things don’t change soon, the country won’t stay together. And to turn the tide, federal and state governments need to be able to operate hand in hand to the point where the general public benefits. It’s no longer true that one party is more intimate with another. Now, the focus shifts to the nation. It is impossible for the states to function, Shaibu said, unless the nation is restored.

Good journalism plays a vital role in societal development.

Moreover, Osarodion Ogie, Secretary of State Government (SSG), also spoke at the event, and he stressed the importance of journalists in the state maintaining their integrity and objectivity while doing their jobs. Ogie said that journalists have an important role in shaping society and should always act professionally. Also, Chris Nehikhare, the State Commissioner for Orientation, assured the leaders of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) that the state government has no plans to take over the Union’s secretariat and land. He also implored the NUJ to work with the state government continually.

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