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FG forms police academy governing board

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The Nigeria Police Academy 16-man governing board will promote the institution.

To reiterate the aspiration of Nigeria’s President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), to leave a reformed, professionalized, enthusiastic, and knowledge-based police force in the country, Muhammad Dingyadi, the Minister of Police Affairs, recently inaugurated a 16-man governing board for the Nigeria Police Academy, which is located in Wudil, Kano. On Friday, at the Ministry of Police Affairs Headquarters in Abuja, the governing board was officially launched. The board is made up of stakeholders from the police sector as well as academia.

Bolaji Kazeem, the ministry’s Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations, disclosed this information in a statement issued on Friday night to the media. As reported by the spokesman for the ministry, the minister stated that the overarching purpose of the academy is to promote the furtherance of learning and to provide people of the Nigeria Police Force with the possibility of receiving a higher and more liberal education without reference to ethnic background, creed, gender, political beliefs, or religious persuasion.

World-class police officers will be produced by the institution.

He said that the institution embraces, trains, and develops world-class police officers with the necessary knowledge, capabilities, and dispositions suited for governance, scholarship, surveillance, and community outreach in all of the institutions and centres of the academy. In addition, the institution offers courses of education and other resources for the advancement of teaching and learning. Also, he explained that the POLAC is dedicated to encouraging and fostering academic achievement and doing research in pertinent domains of learning and human activity.

Besides preparing cadets for professions of service and achievement, they also ensure that their actions are in line with the security, societal, cultural, and socioeconomic demands of the citizens of Nigeria. He also recounted that in 1988 the academy, whose governing board was established, launched two temporary campuses: the Police Training School in Challawa, Kano, for the training of cadet inspectors, and the Police College in Kaduna, for the training of cadet assistant superintendents of police.

Two police institutions were merged together for a greater goal.

On April 2, 1996, it was officially opened to the public. Since then, the two campuses have been combined and transferred to their permanent site in Wudil, Kano. However, in September 2012, the school received accreditation to grant degrees. The minister added that the Police Academy (Establishment) Act 2021, which Buhari had recently passed into law on April 7, 2022, seeks to actualize its contents effectively. The President’s endorsement of the governing board of the Police Academy is intended to achieve this.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the governing board of the academy, which is also referred to as the Nigeria Police Academy Council among other names, is charged with the obligation of exercising control and supervising the academy’s policies, as well as its property, finances, and operations. They will promote and penalize staff members of the academy who are not police officers in accordance with the recommendations of the appropriate committees, and they will evaluate the educational and police programs that are offered by the college.

Ever since it was founded, the institution has been flourishing.

In response, Usman Baba, the Inspector-General of Police, expressed the board’s dedication to developing POLAC into a benchmark institution. Baba claims that the academy has flourished ever since it was founded and will continue to turn forth excellent police officers skilled in a wide range of disciplines. They take great pride in this institution, the only one of its kind in the globe, and they foresee that it will quickly become the kind of institution nobody will want to forego.

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